Agenda - Jeudis de la Recherche

Séminaires de recherche de département

Chaque département organise au moins une fois par mois des séminaires de recherche dans lesquels interviennent des enseignants-chercheurs de l’école, ainsi que des invités d’autres institutions académiques françaises ou internationales. Cela permet de s’informer sur l’actualité de la recherche dans son domaine et de rencontrer des chercheurs reconnus dans leur discipline.

L’intensité de l’activité de recherche des membres  de la Faculté se reflète dans la variété des ateliers et des séminaires organisés les responsables des septs domaines de recherche.

Des séminaires sont aussi organisés en format "atelier" afin de permettre aux enseignants-chercheurs et aux doctorants de présenter leurs travaux en cours, et de les améliorer suite aux échanges avec leurs collègues.

04 mai 2023TBADimitrios GOUNOPOULOSUniversity of BathFinance
13 avr 2023TBAMichel ROBEUniversity of IllinoisFinance
06 avr 2023Digital Platforms and Entrepreneurship: New Evidence from Marginal AreasElisabetta RAGUSEOPolitecnico di TorinoMarketing
16 mars 2023Global risk and ambiguity in the determination of CDS spreadsCaterina SANTIHEC LiègeFinance
09 mars 2023Customer Emotions in Service Robot Encounters: A Hybrid Machine-Human Intelligence ApproachRaffaele FILIERIAudenciaMarketing
09 fév 2023Board Ancestral Diversity and Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Emission DisclosureSadok EL GHOUL
University of Alberta, CanadaComptabilité, Contrôle de Gestion & Economie
02 fév 2023Information Salience and Credit Supply: Evidence from Payment Defaults on Trade BillsFederica SALVADEParis School of BusinessFinance
26 jan 2023Is Political Risk Priced in the Corporate Bond Market?Vanja PILJAKUniversity of Vaasa, FinlandComptabilité, Contrôle de Gestion & Economie
25 janv 2023Towards the development of an e-commerce fake review index using deep neural networks: A big data driven insight from AmazonRonnie DASAudenciaMarketing
19 janv 2023The stranger and organization studies Bernadette BULLINGERIE MadridEtudes Organisationnelles et Ethique
19 janv 2023Does Democracy Shape International Merger Activity?José M. MARTIN FLORESCUNEF UniversityFinance
12 janv 2023The experience of collective authenticity at work: insights from communion-oriented rituals in contemporary work settingsRoberta SFERRAZZOAudenciaEtudes Organisationnelles et Ethique
15 déc 2022Constituting organizations through communication: from members to contributorsNicolas BENCHERKIUniversité TELUQ, CanadaCommunication, Culture et Langues
15 déc 2022Housing Affordability, Banks Capital Adequacy Avoidance and Coordination BreakdownPierre-Olivier FORTINRoyal Holloway, University of LondonFinance - Economics
8 déc 2022How can we explain and resolve the green attitude-intention-behavior gap?Fabien DURIFUniversité du Québec à MontréalMarketing
01 déc 2022"Be Yourself, But…": Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs Navigating Authenticity and Adaptation in their Identity WorkMaud VAN MERRIENBOER Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamEntrepreneuriat, Stratégie & Innovation
24 nov 2022 La mise en capacité de résistance critique face aux mythes techno solutionnistesBastien KERSPERNDesign FrictionCommunication Culture et Langues
24 nov 2022The Role of Non-market Strategies in Establishing Legitimacy: The Case of Service MNEs in Emerging EconomiesPeter RODGERSUniversity of SouthamptonEntrepreneuriat, Stratégie & Innovation
17 nov 2022Manger à l’ère de la transition alimentaire : entre libertés et sujétionsGervaise DEBUCQUETAudenciaEtudes Organisationnelles et Ethique
17 nov 2022Does Online Target Advertising Help SMEs Navigate Exogenous Demand Shocks? A Global Study Leveraging Covid LockdownsJulian RUNGENortheastern University, D'Armore-McKim School of BusinessMarketing
17 nov 2022"There is no planet B", but for banks "There are countries B to Z": Domestic Climate Policy and Cross-Border LendingSteven ONGENAUniversity of ZurichFinance
10 nov 2022Do lower ESG rated companies have higher systemic impact? Empirical Evidence from Europe and the United StatesKaroline BAXUniversity of Trento, ItalyComptabilité/Contrôle de Gestion/Economie
13 oct 2022Carbon Footprint Tracking Apps as a New Tool for Research and Practice. Initial Findings and an OutlookWassili LASAROVAudenciaMarketing
13 oct 2022Cropping, Filters and Stickers: Accounting talk about climate is like posting a photo on InstagramEugénie FAUREAudenciaComptabilité/Contrôle de Gestion/Economie
13 oct 2022Is there such a thing as free data?
Bartering for qualitative data as a blind spot
Juliana CHITACUniversity of WestminsterEntrepreneuriat, Stratégie & Innovation
13 oct 2022How green are SRI labeled funds? Insights from a Machine Learning based clustering approachYves RANNOUESC Clermont Business SchoolFinance
29 sept 2022Giving Kenyan marginalized communities the same power as central banks: a prefiguration of sociotechnical imaginaries
George KUKNottingham University Business SchoolEtudes organisationnelles & Ethique
22 sept 2022Behavioral spillover in the circular economy: The importance of consumer goalsJohn THOGERSENAarhus School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus UniversityMarketing
15 sept 2022Resisting the siren’s call: The ethics of elite service in neoliberal academia


Durham UniversityEntrepreneuriat, Stratégie & Innovation
15 sept 2022Impact of exogenous events on volatility derivatives pricingStéphane GOUTTEUMI-SOURCE, University Paris-SaclayComptabilité/Contrôle de Gestion/Economie
15 sept 2022PhD students' research work presentationsLaurent PATAILLOT and Hai Dang NGOAudenciaFinance
30 juin 2022The boomerang effect of ethical communications in the presence of difficult achievement goalsLaura NOVALRennes Business SchoolEtudes organisationnelles et éthique
23 juin 2022Social Action and Profit Maximization Values in an Inclusive Supply Chain: How Conflicting Values Co-existGarry BRUTONTexas Christian UniversityEntrepreneuriat, Stratégie et Innovation
16 juin 2022Commodity Currencies: Unpicking the Relationship between Commodity Prices and Exchange RatesSophie VAN HUELLENUniversity of ManchesterFinance
09 juin 2022The Brands in Our Facial AppearanceClaire LINARESHEC ParisMarketing
02 juin 2022Supply Management & Ethical Decision Making: Behavioral ExperimentsXenophon KOUFTEROS

Mays Business School, Texas A&M UniversitySystèmes d'Information et Supply Chain Management
02 juin 2022

Part 1: How to get published in SBEJ?

Part 2: Cultural diversity, digitalization and inclusion: How does it work for cities?

Maksim BELITSKIHenley Business SchoolEntrepreneuriat, Stratégie et Innovation
31 mai 2022On Vinyl Record Clocks and Fork Necklaces: How Product Components from Distant Domains Create Value to ConsumersBram VAN den BERGHRotterdam School of ManagementMarketing
19 mai 2022Integrated Reporting and the informativeness of financial analysts' stock recommendations Diogenis BABOUKARDOSAudenciaComptabilité, Contrôle de Gestion, Economie
19 mai 2022Do Sustainability and Resilience Go Hand in Hand?
The Case of Pennsylvania Dairy Farmers
Veronica VILLENA MARTINEZ Arizona State UniversitySystèmes d'Information et Supply Chain Management
19 mai 2022Financial Forecasting in the Lab and the Field Qualified Professionals vs. Smart StudentsBrice CORGNETEM LyonFinance
12 mai 2022Writing on the wall: Revealing the sociomaterial micro-practices at the heart of instituting an ITC team’s practicesCéline LEGRANDAudenciaEtudes organisationnelles et éthique
12 mai 2022Generational Shifts: Emerging Visibility in Organizational CommunicationCynthia STOHLUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraCommunication, Culture & Languages
12 mai 2022Does Geopolitical Risk Affect Acquisitions?Dimitris PETMEZASDurham University Business SchoolFinance
12 mai 2022China on tour: foreign travel and the internalization of national ideologyJulien CAYLANanyang Business SchoolMarketing
28 avril 2022Corporate Overconfidence and Bank LendingFilippo DE MARCOBocconi UniversityFinance
28 avril 2022Cyborgs and the Interactive Self: Identity Work in the Transhumanist EraVitor LIMAAudenciaMarketing
21 avril 2022Impact of exogenous on volatility derivatives pricingStéphane GOUTTEUniversité Paris-SaclayComptabilité, Contrôle de Gestion, Economie
14 avril 2022Fiction, prospective et intelligence collectiveThomas WATKIN & Antoine BRACHET Université de Nîmes & BlueNote ParisCommunication, Culture et Langues
7 avril 2022The role and need for existential learning in the entrepreneurship learning processHelle NEERGAARDAarhus UniversityEntrepreneuriat, Stratégie et Innovation
7 avril 2022The Façade, the Face, and the Sympathies:
Opening the Black Box of Symbolic Capital as a Source of Philanthropic Attractiveness
Yuliya SHYMKOAudenciaEtudes organisationnelles et éthique
31 mars 2022CEO's Regulatory focus and Firm Internationalization: The Moderating Effects of CEO Overconfidence, Narcissism and Career HorizonIgor FILATOTCHEVKings' College, LondonFinance
29 mars 2022Who is a co-founder? Contributions, credits, and consequences for entrepreneurship researchWilliam B GARTNERBabson College USAEntrepreneuriat, Stratégie et Innovation
29 mars 2022Higher order of influence: The role of the manager as influencer and teacherJames DAVISUtah State UniversityEntrepreneuriat, Stratégie et Innovation
24 mars 2022La pensée plastique dans l’enseignement et la rechercheArnaud THEVALENSAP BordeauxCommunication, Culture et Langues
24 mars 2022Audit quality and the interplay between auditor and auditee gender diversityTiphaine JEROMEIAE de GrenobleComptabilité, Contrôle de Gestion, Economie
17 mars 2022The Food Supply Chain for Disadvantaged Communities in the UKMichael BOURLAKISCranfield School of ManagementSystèmes d'Information et Supply Chain Management
17 mars 2022Elements of an effective research paperGiampaolo VIGLIAUniversity of PortsmouthMarketing
10 mars 2022Challenging the orthodoxy in acculturation studies: analysing the role of consumer appropriation of culture in the acculturation processBidit DEYBrunel University, LondonMarketing
3 mars 2022La communication non-violente au prisme du careClaire BURLAT & Thomas MARTINEAudenciaCommunication, Culture et Langues
3 mars 2022Shock the System: The Role of Career Shocks in Contemporary Career DevelopmentJos AKKERMANSVrije Universiteit AmsterdamEtudes organisationnelles et éthique
24 fév 2022Does CEO Risk-Aversion Affect Carbon Emission?Samir SAADIEcole de Gestion Telfer, Université d'OttawaComptabilité, Contrôle de Gestion & Economie
24 fév 2022Chasing The ESG FactorAbraham LIOUIEDHEC Business SchoolFinance
24 fév 2022What Global Crisis? How local businesses notice global issuesHaitao YUEmlyon Business SchoolCARES Group
10 fév 2022Penser l’information hier et aujourd’hui : autour de Franklin FordDominique TRUDELAudenciaCommunication Culture et Langues
03 fév 2022Supplier innovation from a network perspectiveTingting YANMike Ilitch School of Business, Wayne State UniversityInformation Systems and Supply Chain Management
27 janv 2022Financial Transaction Tax, macroeconomic effects and tax competition issues: a two-country financial DSGE modelOlivier DAMETTEUniversité de Lorraine, NancyComptabilité, Contrôle de Gestion & Economie
20 janv 2022Experiences and expectations in assset markets: an experimental studyMyrna HENNEQUINUniversity of SussexFinance
20 janv 2022Intended and unintended consequences of the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive on firms’ sustainability activitiesEmma AVETISYANAudenciaEtudes organisationnelles et éthique
13 janv 2022Artificial Emotions and Love and Sex Doll Service WorkersRussell BELKSchulich School of Business, York UniversityMarketing
11 janv 2022How does the sustainable supply chain management contribute to the generation of innovation in cooperatives from a perspective of shared valueGustavo FRUCTUOZO LOIOLAEAESP/FGV BrazilCARES Group
16 déc 2021L’institution : les savoirs politiques au prisme du care Joëlle LE MARECMuséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, UMR PALOCCommunication et Culture
16 déc 2020From e-WOM to AI-WOM: the role of the voice assistantin consumer decision makingKhaoula AKDIMUniversity of ZaragozaMarketing
16 déc 2021Micro-efficiency vs. Macro-(in)efficiency: The Role of Default Risk in Stock Return Predictability.Alexandre RUBESAMIESEG School of ManagementFinance
14 déc 2021Emotional (In)competence in the Context of Strategic AmbiguityAnna DZIUBAHanken School of EconomicsEntreprise et Société (RSE)
09 déc 2021Toward Inclusive Enterprise Policy? Legitimising Support through Community OrganisingEva KASPEROVAAston UniversityEntreprise et Société (Entrepreneuriat)
02 déc 2021Comment les œuvres à faire nous parlent déjà. Une approche pragmatiste des êtres de fiction Thomas MARTINE & Florence TOUZÉAudenciaCommunication et Culture
25 nov 2021Picture Text Superiority? The Impact of Element Size on Communication Effectiveness.Yang SHIShenzhen Audencia Business SchoolMarketing
25 nov 2021New Systems Theory in Family Entrepreneurship and beyondMariana ESTRADA-ROBLES & Kathleen RANDERSONLeeds University Business School & AudenciaEntreprise et Société (Entrepreneuriat)
18 nov 2021Back to the Roots: Credit Ratings and Corporate Bond Trading.Mascia BEDENDOUniversity of BolognaFinance
18 nov 2021When the private and the public self don’t align: The discrepant relation between moral identity dimensions, corporate hypocrisy perceptions, and subsequent outcomesRamona DEMASI & Christian VÖGTLINZurich University & AudenciaEntreprise et Société (RSE)
10 nov 2021Literature Review on Carbon Literacy in the Field of Business and ManagementTim BREITBARTH & Anna GERKESwinburne Business School & AudenciaManagement
21 oct 2021Modelling Multivariate High Frequency Transaction Price Dynamics using Disjoint Representation of Marked Hawkes Point Processes.
Multivariate asset returns covariance matrix estimation with Martingale representation of Hawkes intensity.
Haï Dang NGOAudenciaFinance
14 oct 2021"If only...": Customer Counterfactual Thinking in Failed Recovery.Hongfei LIUSouthampton Business SchoolMarketing
7 oct 2021Interactive Governance and Political LeadershipEva SORENSENRoskilde UniversityManagement (RSE)
30 sept 2021Private Equity Debt Funds: Who Wins, Who Loses?Armin SCHWIENBACHERSKEMA Business SchoolFinance
30 sept 2021Charisma: Closing the Venture Funding Gender GapAnely BEKBERGENOVAHEC University of Lausanne Entreprise et Société (Entrepreneuriat)
23 sept 2021Corruption: Entre neutralisation, désengagement moral et transparence. Etudes de cas en EgypteMayar Fahim (doctorant)AudenciaManagement
23 sept 2021La valeur perçue de l'Education Thérapeutique en oncologie : mesure et apports à la compréhension de la satisfaction des patients.Blandine LABBE-PINLON et Cindy LOMBARTAudenciaMarketing
23 sept 2021Local boy does good: CEO birthplace identity and corporate social responsibility.Dimitris PETMEZASAudencia FIA, Durham UniversityFinance
16 sept 2021Responding to Crises: "Rewilding" Accounting Education for the AnthropoceneLisa Powell & Nick McGuiganMonash University AustraliaEntreprise et Société (RSE)
24 juin 21Consuming AI: a research program on consumers and intelligent machinesStefano PUNTONIRotterdam School of ManagementMarketing
17 juin 21Sustainability transition as governmentality: accounting, accountability and the construction of a programmatic aspirationLeonardo RINALDIRoyal Holloway University of LondonFinance
17 juin 21Corporate longevity as institutional reproduction: A study of long-lived Japanese family firmsGerardo PATRIOTTA & Innan SASAKI Warwick Business SchoolBusiness and Society
10 juin 21Cum grano salis, with a grain of salt. Gender differences in the involvement of superiors in problem formulationRenate KRATOCHVILNorwegian Business SchoolManagement
27 mai 21Journal of Advertising: scope of the journal, tips for publishing and topics of interestCristel RUSSELLPepperdine University, CaliforniaMarketing
20 mai 21"Never sick, never tired": The endurance of suffering as identity work in elite kitchensRobin BURROWCardiff University UKManagement
20 mai 21Banks Incentive Pay, Diversification and Systemic RiskFabio CASTIGLIONESITilburg UniversityFinance
06 mai 21Organizational Population: The Entry of Microproviders through Multisided PlatformsRosario SILVA, Gideon MARKMAN, & Oksana GERWEIE Business School, Colorado State University, & Brunel UniversityBusiness and Society / Management
15 avr 21Connaitre (par) les médias: bricoler pour enquêterJuliette DE MAEYERUniversité de MontréalCommunication et Culture
15 avr 21How to publish in Psychology & Marketing (3 ABS)Giampaolo VIGLIAUniversity of PortsmouthMarketing
15 avr 21Venture Capital Backed IPOs: What Happens When the VCs exit?Magnus BLOMKVISTAudenciaFinance
8 avr 21Receivers, Givers, and Enablers: Ethics of Care and U.S. Public Perception of the Role of Business in Society During COVID-19Heidi REEDAudenciaManagement
2 avr 21Concevoir des monnaies alternatives: outils pour expérimenter d'autres politiques d'oikonomieBenoist du CrestIngénieur agro-économiste independentBusiness and Society (CSR)
25 mar 21Redefining the purpose of CorporationJoep CORNELISSENRotterdam School of ManagementBusiness and Society
25 mar 21The Sustainability Wage GapPhilipp KRUËGERUniversity of GenevaFinance
18 mar 21How to use text analysis and intervention for cutting edge researchAmanda WILLIAMSONWaikato Management SchoolBusiness and Society
18 mar 21la visualisation du processus de la recherche Aude SEURRAT Paris 13Communication et Culture
11 mar 21The Façade, the Face, and the Sympathies: Characteristics of Cultural Organizations, Political orientation, and the attractiveness to Corporate donorsYuliya SHYMKOAudenciaManagement
11 mar 21Empowerment and patient-doctor relationship: how can medical chatbots change the deal? The case of Covid 19Matthieu MIFSUDAudenciaMarketing
4 mar 21Lead for the Planet: The Challenge for Team HumanityRae AndréNortheastern UniversityBusiness and Society (CSR)
18 fév 21Est-ce mal de bricoler la sécurité de son système d’information ? Une étude contextuelle des « codes techniques » des petites organisations du numérique françaises.Théo SIMON (doctorant)AudenciaManagement
18 fév 21Commodity Futures Return Predictability and Intertemporal Asset PricingJohn COTTERUniversity College DublinFinance
18 fév 21The challenges and rewards of using visual research methodsFinola KERRIGANLondon College of Fashion, University of the Arts LondonBusiness and Society
11 fév 21Commodity Risk Premia and Neural NetworksJoëlle MIFFREAudenciaFinance
11 fév 21Consequences of a terroir store brand authenticityCindy LOMBART & Florence CHARTON-VACHETAudenciaMarketing
28 janv 21The organizing dimension of biodiversity in business: The case of the babassu forests in BrazilCamilla QUENTALAudenciaManagement
21 janv 21Understanding the Negative Pricing of the NYMEX WTI Crude Oil May 2020 Futures ContractAna-Maria FUERTESCass Business School, LondonFinance
14 janv 21Environmentally framed eWOM messages of different valence: The role of environmental concerns, moral norms, and product environmental impactRaffaele FILIERIAudenciaMarketing
14 déc 20Does Asset Encumbrance Affect Bank Risk? Evidence from Covered BondsGiacomo NOCERAAudenciaFinance
10 déc 20Urban agricultures: Why farm the cityLucas PERRY (doctorant)AudenciaBusiness and Society (CSR)
3 déc 20Why do web-users disclose personal information? A Construal Level Theory perspective on the privacy paradoxRaphaelle BUTORIESSEC Business SchoolMarketing
26 nov 20Sentiment Risk Premia in the Cross-Section of GlobalMassimo GUIDOLINBocconi UniversityFinance
19 nov 20Combined effect of ecolabel and country of origin on quality evaluation of unbranded food productsOlga UNTILOVAudenciaMarketing
12 nov 20How to publish in top journalsDimitris PETMEZASDurham UniversityFinance
12 nov 20What we can learn from the pandemic: Covid 19-related research at AudenciaDelphine GIBASSIER, Camilla QUENTAL, Carine GIRARD, Christian VOGTLIN, Yuliya SHYMKO, Sophie HENNEKAMAudenciaFinance, Management, Business and Society (CSR)
5 nov 20Meaningful work: How individuals cope with conflicting work narrativesLucie NOURYAudenciaManagement
15 oct 20 The leader/manager dualism in new age management: How organizational members seize, coopt or resist (liberating) “leadership talk"Roberta SFERRAZZOAudenciaManagement
8 oct 20Why do emperical models of herding disagree: The role of micro-level herding and the type of investor for market-wide herdingMaria TSELIKAAudenciaFinance
1er oct 20Toward AntiFragility: Insights from A Research Program on The Future of BrandingCristel RUSSELLPepperdine University, CaliforniaMarketing
24 sept 20Does Safety Uncertainty Affect Acquisitions?Dimitris PETMEZASDurham UniversityFinance
17 sept 20Facing a paradox on an environmental issue: impact of societal challenge on individuals’ practices and rhetoric in paradoxical situationElvira PERIACAudenciaManagement 
25 juin

Online Reputation and Debt Capacity.

Alexandre GARELAudencia Business SchoolFinance
TBATBAStefano PUNTONIRotterdam School of ManagementMarketing
11 juinCorporate tax changes and the cost of credit.Panagiotis POLITSIDISAudencia Business SchoolFinance
13 maiEntrepreneurship Research - Looking back to move forwardsSusan MARLOWUniversity of BirminghamBusiness and Society
23 avrCoping with the Crisis: Force Majeure and Gender PerfomativityYuliya SHYMKO and Sophie HENNEKAMAudenciaManagement
TBATBA Massimo GUIDOLINBocconi UniversityFinance
TBAAnormaly or Risk Factor? Some Simple Tests.Abraham LIOUIEDHEC Business SchoolFinance
12 mars Pursuing Research in Marketing that Makes a Significant Contribution to Knowledge: Strategic Guidelines.Costas KATSIKEASLeeds University Business SchoolMarketing
05 marFinancial Leverage as Commitment Device in Mergers and Acquisitions.Magnus BLOMKVISTAudencia Business SchoolFinance
05 marExploring Affective Responses in the Changing Context of Dirty WorkNatalia SLUTSKAYAUniversity of SussexManagement
13 févExploring the role of assets in accounting for sustainable development.Richard JABOT, DoctorantToulouse Business SchoolFinance
13 févGripping or losing the audience - or both? Managers’ framing dynamics and the popular management idea implementation trajectoryStefan HEUSINKVELDVrije Universiteit AmsterdamManagement
13 févControlling for clicks: Integrating Digital metrics in Multichannel Retail Chain Store Efficiency Analytics.Koen DE BOCKAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
06 févTrade offs, Capitals and Illusio:  Why do some women believe that gender equality is achieved?Elina MELIOUAston University Birmingham UKBusiness and Society
30 janEnticing the “Will to Perform”: Exploring the emotional topology of competition in the market for virtueAfshin MEHRPOUYAHEC ParisBusiness and Society
16 janIntensity-Based Realised Covariance from High Frequency Data.Hai Dang NGO, doctorantAudencia Business SchoolFinance
19 décEffects of consumer anticipation processes on post consumption experience.Adrian PALMERHenley Business SchoolMarketing
12 décAttention to Alternative Demand and Strategic Behavior: The Case of Gender Diversity in Professional Service FirmsJohn MAWDSLEYHEC ParisManagement
05 décRegulatory Effects on Short-Term Interest Rates.Angelo RANALDOUniversity of St GallenFinance
21 novMethodological Workshop : Observation & Ethnography methodsSilvia GHERARDIUniversity of Trento-ItalyBusiness and Society
21 novRole of Group Cohesiveness in Consumers' Responses to Mobile Promotions.Sourjo MUKHERJEEAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
21 novThe Role of Mobile Shopping Apps in-Store Usage in Value Creation and Store Loyalty.Fidan KURTALIQIAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
14 nov

What If Dividends Were Tax-Exempt? Evidence from a Natural Experiment.

Christophe PERIGNONHEC ParisFinance
14 novA new paradigm for systematic literature reviews in supply chain management Andreas WIELANDCopenhagen Business SchoolBusiness and Society
07 novEthical Decision Making in real organizational settings: An analysis through stakeholders’ role and influenceAnne SACHET-MILLIATISC ParisBusiness and Society
17 octResearch methodology: How to structure a paper and how to write an abstractPaul EDWARDSUniversity of BirminghamBusiness and Society
10 oct

Research: Artificially Intelligent CRM.

Methodology: Literature skills and Software.

Charles HOFACKERFlorida State UniversityMarketing
10 octCost Pass-Through and Market Linkages.Piotr SPIEWANOWSKIVistula UniversityFinance
03 octIf I am not accepted here, I will leave: Host country nationals’ social categorization and expatriate premature return intentionJie SHENShenzhen Audencia Business SchoolManagement
03 octComment les musiciens indépendants font face à la précarité dans les industries culturelles et créatives : retour sur un travail de thèse et nouvelles perspectives.Jérémy VACHETAudencia Business SchoolCommunication & Culture
26 septA translation perspective on business model innovationKasja AHLGREN ODE and Céline LOUCHELund University, Audencia Business SchoolBusiness and Society
19 septSuivre les affects numériques : un travail de tisserand.Julien PIERREAudencia Business SchoolCommunication & Culture
12 septRise of the Machines?: Customer Engagement in Automated Service Interactions.Linda HOLLEBEEKMontpellier Business School / Tallinn University of TechnologyMarketing
05 septBond Market Access and Acquisitions: Can Credit Rating Agencies Mitigate the Overinvestment Problem?Magnus BLOMKVISTAudencia Business SchoolFinance