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Agenda - Jeudis de la Recherche

Les Jeudis de la Recherche

Les jeudis après-midi, les différents départements et instituts organisent des séminaires de recherche dans lesquels interviennent des enseignants-chercheurs de l’école, ainsi que des invités d’autres institutions académiques françaises ou internationales.

L’intensité de l’activité de recherche des membres du Rn’B Lab se reflète dans la variété des ateliers et des séminaires organisés chaque semaine par le laboratoire et les responsables des cinq domaines de recherche.

17 jun 21TBAGerardo PATRIOTTA Warwick Business SchoolBusiness and Society
22 avr 21TBAGideon MARKMANColorado State UniversityBusiness and Society
18 mar 21TBAAmanda WILLIAMSONWaikato Management SchoolBusiness and Society
18 fév 21TBAFinola KERRIGANLondon College of Fashion, University of the Arts LondonBusiness and Society
14 déc 20Does Asset Encumbrance Affect Bank Risk? Evidence from Covered BondsGiacomo NOCERAAudencia Business SchoolFinance
10 déc 20Urban agricultures: Why farm the cityLucas PERRYAudencia Business SchoolBusiness and Society (CSR)
3 déc 20Why do web-users disclose personal information? A Construal Level Theory perspective on the privacy paradoxRaphaelle BUTORIESSEC Business SchoolMarketing
26 nov 20Sentiment Risk Premia in the Cross-Section of GlobalMassimo GUIDOLINBocconi UniversityFinance
19 nov 20Combined effect of ecolabel and country of origin on quality evaluation of unbranded food productsOlga UNTILOVAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
12 nov 20How to publish in top journalsDimitris PETMEZASDurham UniversityFinance
12 nov 20What we can learn from the pandemic: Covid 19-related research at AudenciaDelphine GIBASSIER, Camilla QUENTAL, Carine GIRARD, Christian VOGTLIN, Yuliya SHYMKO, Sophie HENNEKAMAUDENCIAFinance, Management, Business and Society (CSR)
5 nov 20Meaningful work: How individuals cope with conflicting work narrativesLucie NOURYAUDENCIAManagement
15 oct 20 The leader/manager dualism in new age management: How organizational members seize, coopt or resist (liberating) “leadership talk"Roberta SFERRAZZOAUDENCIAManagement
8 oct 20Why do emperical models of herding disagree: The role of micro-level herding and the type of investor for market-wide herdingMaria TSELIKAAudencia Business SchoolFinance
1er oct 20Toward AntiFragility: Insights from A Research Program on The Future of BrandingCristel RUSSELLPepperdine UniversityMarketing
24 sept 20Does Safety Uncertainty Affect Acquisitions?Dimitris PETMEZASDurham UniversityFinance
17 sept 20Facing a paradox on an environmental issue: impact of societal challenge on individuals’ practices and rhetoric in paradoxical situationElvira PERIACAUDENCIAManagement 
25 juin

Online Reputation and Debt Capacity.

Alexandre GARELAudencia Business SchoolFinance
TBATBAStefano PUNTONIRotterdam School of ManagementMarketing
11 juinCorporate tax changes and the cost of credit.Panagiotis POLITSIDISAudencia Business SchoolFinance
13 maiEntrepreneurship Research - Looking back to move forwardsSusan MARLOWUniversity of BirminghamBusiness and Society
23 avrCoping with the Crisis: Force Majeure and Gender PerfomativityYuliya SHYMKO and Sophie HENNEKAMAudenciaManagement
TBATBA Massimo GUIDOLINBocconi UniversityFinance
TBAAnormaly or Risk Factor? Some Simple Tests.Abraham LIOUIEDHEC Business SchoolFinance
12 mars Pursuing Research in Marketing that Makes a Significant Contribution to Knowledge: Strategic Guidelines.Costas KATSIKEASLeeds University Business SchoolMarketing
05 marFinancial Leverage as Commitment Device in Mergers and Acquisitions.Magnus BLOMKVISTAudencia Business SchoolFinance
05 marExploring Affective Responses in the Changing Context of Dirty WorkNatalia SLUTSKAYAUniversity of SussexManagement
13 févExploring the role of assets in accounting for sustainable development.Richard JABOT, DoctorantToulouse Business SchoolFinance
13 févGripping or losing the audience - or both? Managers’ framing dynamics and the popular management idea implementation trajectoryStefan HEUSINKVELDVrije Universiteit AmsterdamManagement
13 févControlling for clicks: Integrating Digital metrics in Multichannel Retail Chain Store Efficiency Analytics.Koen DE BOCKAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
06 févTrade offs, Capitals and Illusio:  Why do some women believe that gender equality is achieved?Elina MELIOUAston University Birmingham UKBusiness and Society
30 janEnticing the “Will to Perform”: Exploring the emotional topology of competition in the market for virtueAfshin MEHRPOUYAHEC ParisBusiness and Society
16 janIntensity-Based Realised Covariance from High Frequency Data.Hai Dang NGO, doctorantAudencia Business SchoolFinance
19 décEffects of consumer anticipation processes on post consumption experience.Adrian PALMERHenley Business SchoolMarketing
12 décAttention to Alternative Demand and Strategic Behavior: The Case of Gender Diversity in Professional Service FirmsJohn MAWDSLEYHEC ParisManagement
05 décRegulatory Effects on Short-Term Interest Rates.Angelo RANALDOUniversity of St GallenFinance
21 novMethodological Workshop : Observation & Ethnography methodsSilvia GHERARDIUniversity of Trento-ItalyBusiness and Society
21 novRole of Group Cohesiveness in Consumers' Responses to Mobile Promotions.Sourjo MUKHERJEEAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
21 novThe Role of Mobile Shopping Apps in-Store Usage in Value Creation and Store Loyalty.Fidan KURTALIQIAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
14 nov

What If Dividends Were Tax-Exempt? Evidence from a Natural Experiment.

Christophe PERIGNONHEC ParisFinance
14 novA new paradigm for systematic literature reviews in supply chain management Andreas WIELANDCopenhagen Business SchoolBusiness and Society
07 novEthical Decision Making in real organizational settings: An analysis through stakeholders’ role and influenceAnne SACHET-MILLIATISC ParisBusiness and Society
17 octResearch methodology: How to structure a paper and how to write an abstractPaul EDWARDSUniversity of BirminghamBusiness and Society
10 oct

Research: Artificially Intelligent CRM.

Methodology: Literature skills and Software.

Charles HOFACKERFlorida State UniversityMarketing
10 octCost Pass-Through and Market Linkages.Piotr SPIEWANOWSKIVistula UniversityFinance
03 octIf I am not accepted here, I will leave: Host country nationals’ social categorization and expatriate premature return intentionJie SHENShenzhen Audencia Business SchoolManagement
03 octComment les musiciens indépendants font face à la précarité dans les industries culturelles et créatives : retour sur un travail de thèse et nouvelles perspectives.Jérémy VACHETAudencia Business SchoolCommunication & Culture
26 septA translation perspective on business model innovationKasja AHLGREN ODE and Céline LOUCHELund University, Audencia Business SchoolBusiness and Society
19 septSuivre les affects numériques : un travail de tisserand.Julien PIERREAudencia Business SchoolCommunication & Culture
12 septRise of the Machines?: Customer Engagement in Automated Service Interactions.Linda HOLLEBEEKMontpellier Business School / Tallinn University of TechnologyMarketing
05 septBond Market Access and Acquisitions: Can Credit Rating Agencies Mitigate the Overinvestment Problem?Magnus BLOMKVISTAudencia Business SchoolFinance



20 juinChinese Cultural Heritage Brands: A Brand Culture Approach.Jonathan SCHROEDERRochester Institute of Technology, New YorkCommunication & Culture
13 juinExchange Rates and Commodity Prices.Evgenia PASSARIUniversité Paris DauphineFinance
06 juinIndirect Compellence and Institutional Change: U.S. Extraterritorial Law Enforcement and the Erosion of Swiss Banking SecrecyAndreas Georg SCHERERUniversity of ZurichBusiness and Society
16 maiThe Valuation of Corporate Social Responsibility - A Willingness-to-Pay Experiment.Sébastien POUGETToulouse School of EconomicsFinance
09 maiNudging healthier diets? Yes, we can.Maggie GEUENSGhent UniversityMarketing
25 avrMaquetter : apprendre avec ses mains.Nicolas MINVIELLEAudencia Business SchoolCommunication & Culture
12 avrSocial Network Analysis: The New Frontier in Supply Chain ManagementLeonardo MARQUESCOPPEAD Graduate School of BusinessBusiness and Society
05 avr19th Century utopian communities in the USDamien ROUSSELIEREAgro Campus OuestBusiness and Society
04 avr"These are MY data: The role of psychological ownership on privacy-related decision-making.Caroline LANCELOT-MILTGEN & Matthieu MIFSUDAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
04 avrAgency Cost and Firm Productivity.Milo BIANCHIToulouse School of EconomicsFinance
28 marsProduct Design and the Supply Chain: Competing through DesignOmera KHANUniversity of AgderBusiness and Society
28 marsThe impact of absorptive and desorptive capacity on incremental and radical supplier innovations” and the Future of the International Journal of Operations and Production Management (IJOPM)Constantin BLOMEUniversity of SussexBusiness and Society
21 marsTweeting to the world or enjoying the moment? The effects of social media engagement on recall and recommendation of a service experience.Adrian PALMERHenley Business SchoolMarketing
21 marsMédiation et innovation sociale par le design au service de la santé mobile : apports et limites des méthodes visuelles, créatives et narratives à une recherche-projet sur le sommeil.Marie-Julie CATOIR-BRISSONUniversité de NîmesCommunication & Culture
14 marsBecoming top global chef: What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur Tamim ELBASHAAudencia Business SchoolManagement
07 marsThe profit-with-purpose corporation: a new model of corporate governance for responsible innovation.Kevin LEVILLAINMINES ParisTechFinance/RSE
28 févCorrosive disadvantage and exhaustion of agency in the gig economy: the case of Uber drivers in IndiaYuliya SHYMKOAudencia Business SchoolManagement
07 févResearch at the intersection of marketing and public policy.Graciela CARRASCOAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
31 janNavigating dilemmas of enterprise at universities: A discursive analysis of academic managers’ talkUlla HYTTIUniversity of TurkuBusiness and Society
17 janBeyond the Bazaar: Projected Institutions in the Ideas of Prospective Entrepreneurs in MoroccoTheodore KHOURYPortland State UniversityManagement
10 janvNovel Retailing: a historical overview and future trends through innovation lens.Latchezar HRISTOVAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
10 janvRecursive Preferences, the Value of Life, and Household Finance.François LE GRANDEM LyonFinance
13 décFrom slaves to chartered accountants: Historical insights on the power relationships between account producers and account usersFrançois-Regis PUYOUUniversity of Saint AndrewsManagement
06 décWorkshop Dysfunction.Philippe MAIRESSEAudencia Business SchoolCommunication & Culture
06 décThe Private Production of Safe Assets.Marcin KACPERCZYKImperial College of LondonFinance
06 décThe effects of mindfulness on managerial experience and practice.Michaël ROUXAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
29 novEngagement and Knowledge of Politics: US 2016.Chris WELLSUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonCommunication & Culture
29 novBuilding Theories Using Graph Theoretic ApproachRameshwar DUBEYMontpellier Business SchoolBusiness and Society
20 novHow to publish in generalist or specialist outlets ? The case of Journal of Business Research and Journal of Interactive Marketing.Charles HOFACKERFlorida State UniversityMarketing
08 novThe Implications of Financial Innovation for Capital Markets and Household Welfare.Raman UPPALEDHEC, LondonFinance
29 novGender and the Production of Entrepreneurial Legitimacy: A Bourdieusian PerspectiveMaura MCADAMDublin City UniversityBusiness and Society
15 novUsing a multiple newsvendor modeling framework to compare surgeons’ risk attitudes in an English hospital ManMohan SODHICass Business SchoolBusiness and Society
22 octWhose responsibility is it really? Developing an integrative perspective to reach corporate sustainabilityJukka MAKINENAalto UniversityBusiness and Society
11 octThe balanced consultant that was deemed not to exist: Building a chimeric identity narrative in normative organizationsLucie NOURYVrije Universiteit AmsterdamManagement
11 octRethinking embodiment as ethics of rationality in organizations and societyMarianna FOTAKIWarwick Business SchoolBusiness and Society
04 octExploring Consumers’ Technology Dreams and Nightmares: A Collage-Elicitation Study.Céline DEL BUCCHIA, Caroline LANCELOT-MILTGEN, Christel Antonia RUSSEL & Claire BURLATAudencia Business School & American University Washington DCMarketing / Communication & Culture
04 octStaged Financing: By whom, when and why?Magnus BLOMKVISTAudencia Business SchoolFinance
06 sepThe Contribution of Frictions to Expected Returns. George SKIADOPOULOSQueen Mary University / University of PiraeusFinance
29 aoûtFashion victims: A critical exploration of CSR efforts in the clothing industryMaureen BENSON-REAUniversity of AucklandBusiness and Society
21 juiL'expression de l'identité face aux écritures industrialisées du web contemporain.Gustavo GOMEZ MEJIAUniversité de ToursCommunication & Culture
24 maiManaging the relation between routines and creativity.Catherine MOREL & Philippe MAIRESSEAudencia Business SchoolCommunication & Culture
17 maiWhat drives the takeover process? New evidence from the inner workings of internal M&A teams.Nihat AKTASWHUFinance
17 maiSoftware Is Eating the WorldCharles HOFACKERFlorida State UniversityMarketing
19 avrSciences de l'information et de la communication: réflexions sur la discipline.François COOREN & Yves JEANNERETUniversité de Montréal & Université Paris SorbonneCommunication & Culture
19 avr'This is MY health program': The effects of psychological ownership on patients’ compliance.Matthieu MIFSUDAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
12 avrPositioning the article: How to convey theoretical complexity with methodological alignment – Some techniques and an exampleRob MORGANCardiff Business SchoolManagement
05 avrSeminar on IncubatorsAlexandrina PAUCEANUHigher Colleges of Technology UAEBusiness and Society
22 marLiminality in EntrepreneurshipOlivier GERMAINUniversité du Québec à MontréalBusiness and Society
22 marCredit, Labor, and Political Unrest: Evidence from 1930s China.Fabio BRAGGIONTilburg UniversityFinance
22 marThe disappearing product: marketing and markets in the Creative Industries. How Small creative entreprises can claim back over their work.Chris BILTONUniversity of WarwickCommunication & Culture
22 marRecherches menées autour du lien individu-région.Florence CHARTON-VACHETAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
15 marEmployees' participation in strategy making over time: The recursive relation between participation and resourcesFrançois PANTIN, Christophe MAUREL, Sandrine STERVINOUUniversité d'Angers, Audencia Business SchoolBusiness and Society
15 marEmployees' participation in strategy making over time: The recursive relation between participation and resourcesVioletta SPLITTERUniversity of ZurichManagement
27 févConfidence and Business AngelsVeroniek COLLEWAERTVlerick Business SchoolBusiness and Society
15 févDemographics and Innovation.François DERRIENHEC ParisFinance
15 févAssessing E-Mail Recommender System Performance Throughout the Purchase Funnel.Koen DE BOCKAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
01 févInstitutional pageantry: exploring a new form of institutional work in the field of African developmentYuliya SHYMKOAudencia Business SchoolManagement
25 janHarvesting Commodity Styles: An Integrated Framework.Joëlle MIFFREAudencia Business SchoolFinance
25 janValue co-creation motives, roles and outcomes in the revival of a retro brand.Raffaele FILIERIAudencia Business SchoolMarketing
11 janThe audit court society: Applying an Eliasan theoretical framework to the analysis of the up-or-out system in Big Four firmsSébastien STENGERInstitut Supérieur de GestionManagement
01 janCommunity Influence Capacity on FirmsDaniel ARENAS VIVESESADEBusiness and Society
21 décArts et sciences : Interrogations esthétiques ou interrogations communicationnelles ?Daniel RAICHVARGLaboratoire CIMEOS, Université de BourgogneCommunication & culture
14 décVariance Premium, Downside Risk, and Expected Stock ReturnsRomeo TEDONGAPESSEC Business SchoolFinance
14 décSéminaire/Table ronde8 chercheurs et 8 doctorantsGRANEMMarketing
16 novThe organizational challenge of governance for public administration: dealing with action heterogeneity and variability in a French central administrationElvira PERIACAudencia Business SchoolManagement
16 novThe story of "Power to the people": Managing the evolution of a paper for publication.Colleen MILLSUniversité de CanterburyCommunication & Culture
09 novStakeholder Influence TacticsFrançois MAONIESEG School of Management LilleBusiness and Society
09 novFunding Constraints and Market Liquidity in the European Treasury Bond Market.Sophie MOINASToulouse School of EconomicsFinance
19 octDiscours utopiques, pratiques utopiennes, lieux hétérotopiques : Analyse exploratoire de l'entrepreneuriat social.Odile VALLEEAudencia Business SchoolCommunication & Culture
05 octTowards Genetically-Informed Marketing? A Discussion of Practical, Epistemological, and Ethical Considerations.Graciela CARRASCO ESSEC Business SchoolMarketing
14 septExploring the Identity work of Marathon ManagersThibaut BARDONAudencia Business SchoolManagement