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01 juillet 2018
Latest research articles by Audencia authors

Here are the latest articles which have been published since the last edition of the Rn’B Lab newsletter. Audencia professors are indicated in bold when they are co-authors.

  • BARDON, T., & JOSSERAND, E. (2018). Management innovations from a foucauldian perspective: Time to take action. M@n@gement, 21 (4), 1244-1263.
  • BELAID, F., ROUBAUD, D., & GALARIOTIS, E. (2019). Features of Residential Energy Consumption: Evidence from France Using an Innovative Multilevel Modelling Approach. Energy Policy, 125 ([journalnumber]), 277-285
  • BELLEMARE, G., BRIAND, L., HAVARD, C., & NASCHBERGER, C. (2018). Users/Patients as Industrial Relations Actors A Structurationist Analysis. Relations Industrielles / Industrial Relations, 73 (3), 486-516.
  • BENKRAIEM, R., HOANG, T., LAHIANI , A., & MILOUDI, A. (2018). Crude oil and equity markets in major European countries: New evidence. Economics Bulletin, 38 (4), 2094-2110
  • BENKRAIEM, R., LAHIANI, A., MILOUDI, A., & SHAHBAZ, M. (2019). The asymmetric role of shadow economy in the energy-growth nexus in Bolivia. Energy Policy, 125 (February), 405-417

    CHAMPENOIS, C., & ETZKOWITZ, H. (2018). From boundary line to boundary space: The creation of hybrid organizations as a Triple Helix micro-foundation. Technovation, 76-77 ([journalnumber]), 28-39.
  • CURRIE, W., GOZMAN, D. P., & SEDDON, J. (2018). Dialectic tensions in the financial markets: a longitudinal study of pre- and post-crisis regulatory technology. Journal of Information Technology, 33 (4)
  • FILIERI, R., MCLEAY, F., TSUI, B., & LIN, Z. (2018). Consumer perceptions of information helpfulness and determinants of purchase intention in online consumer reviews of services. Information and Management, 55 (2018), 956-970.
  • FILIERI, R., RAGUSEO, E., & VITARI, C. (2019). What moderates the influence of extremely negative ratings? The role of review and reviewer characteristics. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 77 (January 2019), 333-341.
  • FREMEAUX, S., MICHELSON, G., & NOEL-LEMAITRE, C. (2018). Learning from Greek Philosophers: The Foundations and Structural Conditions of Ethical Training in Business Schools. Journal of Business Ethics, 153 (1), 231 – 243
  • GIANNAKIS, M., DUBEY, R., GUNASEKARAN, A., CHILDE, S., ROUBAUD, D., FOSSO WAMBA, S., & FOROPON, C. (2019). Big Data Analytics and Organizational Culture as Complements to Swift Trust and Collaborative Performance in the Humanitarian Supply Chain. International Journal of Production Economics, 210 (April), 120-136.
  • LOMBART, C., MILLAN, E., NORMAND, J.-M., VERHULST, A., LABBE PINLON, B., & MOREAU, G. (2019). Consumer perceptions and purchase behavior toward imperfect fruits and vegetables in an immersive virtual reality grocery store. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 48, 28-40.
  • REDOR, E. (2018). Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards: Does Critical Mass Matter to Investors?. International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics, 13 (2), 199–216
  • SBIHI, A., & CHEMANGUI, M. (2018). A Genetic Algorithm For Solving The Steel Continuous Casting Problem With Inter-sequence Dependent Setups And Dedicated Machines. RAIRO - Operations Research / Recherche Opérationnelle, 52 (4), 1351-1376.
  • RADU LEFEBVRE, M., LOUÉ, C., & REDIEN-COLLOT, R. (2018). Contextualizing entrepreneurial legitimacy: the interplay of internal and external social representations. Journal of Enterprising Culture, 26 (4), 1-33.

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