Faculty Newsletter #6 - Tips

01 janvier 2018
Academ: how to add a Visiting Out activity?

You now know almost everything about Academ. Just a quick reminder about the way to take note of your visiting out activities, research, teaching, or both.

To add a visiting activity, there is a specific menu on the left of the screen: first choose Personal information, and then choose Visiting out. Here you can add a visiting activity in another institution, since your arrival at Audencia*.
You can use the different fields to give the most detailed information: exact mention in the label fields, beginning and end dates, institution, country, etc.
Finally, in the Activity type field, you can choose either research, or teaching, or both.
These items will also appear on your CV: immediately on your Word/PDF CV, the day after on your web CV.

*If you wish to add a visiting out activity that happened before your arrival at Audencia, you can do so through another menu: Professional life > Career

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