Faculty Newsletter #12 - Impact on Academia

03 juillet 2020
Latest research articles by Audencia authors

Here are the latest articles which have been published since the last edition of the Rn’B Lab newsletter. Audencia professors are indicated in bold.

AVETISYAN, E., JACKSON, G., BARTOSCH, J., KINDERMAN, D., STEEN KNUDSEN, J. (2020). Mandatory Non-financial Disclosure and Its Influence on CSR: An International Comparison. Journal of Business Ethics, 162 (2), 323–342.

AVETISYAN, E., BARUCH, Y., MESCHI, P.-X., METAIS, E., NORHEIM-HANSEN, A. (2020). Tying the Acquirer's Human Resource Management Quality to Cross‐Border Acquisition Divestment Probability: Curvilinear Connection with Slacklining. British Journal of Management, 31 (3), 568-588.

BENKRAIEM, R., LAKHAL, F., ZOPOUNIDIS, C. (2020). International diversification and corporate cash holding behavior: What happens during economic downturns?. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 170 ([journalnumber]), 362-371.

BENKRAIEM, R., HAMROUNI, A., MILOUDI, A., UYAR, A. (2020). Boardroom attributes and trade credit under different ownership structures. Strategic Change, 29 (3), 407–410.

BENKRAIEM, R., GAAYA, S., LAKHAL, F. (2020). Cross-Country Evidence on Earnings Quality and Corporate Tax Avoidance: The Moderating Role of Legal Institutions. Economics Bulletin, 40 (2), 1714-1726

BLOMKVIST, M., LÖFLUND, A., FELIXSON, K. (2020). Third-party certification and post-IPO acquisitions. Applied Economics, 52 (31), 3436-3447.

CHAMPENOIS, C., LEFEBVRE, V., RONTEAU, S. (2020). Entrepreneurship as Practice: Systematic literature review of a nascent field. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, 32 (3-4), 281-312.

CHARTON-VACHET, F., LOMBART, C., LOUIS, D. (2020). Impact of attitude towards a region on purchase intention of regional products: the mediating effects of perceived value and preference. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 48 (7), 707-725.

DE BOCK, K., COUSSEMENT, K., LESSMANN, S. (2020). Cost-Sensitive Multicriteria Ensemble Selection: A Framework For Business Failure Prediction When Misclassification Costs Are Uncertain. European Journal of Operational Research, 285 (2), 612-630.

DE CAIGNY, A., COUSSEMENT, K., DE BOCK, K. (2020). Leveraging Fine-Grained Transaction Data for Customer Life Event Predictions. Decision Support Systems, 130 (March 2020), Article 113232.

DEL BUCCHIA, C., MOLANDER, S., PENALOZA, L. (2019). ‘We've decided it all together’: How mothers empower themselves in collaboration with their children. Advances in Consumer Research, 47

FILIERI, R., WANG, Y., ASAAD, Y. (2020). What makes hosts trust Airbnb? Antecedents of hosts’ trust towards Airbnb and its impact on continuance intention. Journal of Travel Research, 59 (4), 686-703.

JAVORNIK, A., FILIERI, R., GUMANN, R. (2020). “Don't Forget that Others Are Watching, Too!” The Effect of Conversational Human Voice and Reply Length on Observers' Perceptions of Complaint Handling in Social Media. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 50 (May 2020), 100-119.

BAZI, S., FILIERI, R., GORTON, M. (2020). Customers’ motivation to engage with luxury brands on social media. Journal of Business Research, 112 (2), 223-235.

LIN, Z., DENGHUA YUAN, D., FILIERI, R., RAN LIU, R., MENGQIN ZHENG, M. (2020). Managing the product-harm crisis in the digital era: The role of consumer online brand community engagement. Journal of Business Research, 115 (July 2020), 38-47.

LAMBERTO ZOLLO, Z., FILIERI, R., RICCARDO RIALTI, R., SUKKI YOON, S. (2020). Unpacking the relationship between social media marketing and brand equity: The mediating role of consumers’ benefits and experience. Journal of Business Research, 117 (September 2020), 256-267.

FREMEAUX, S., PUYOU, F.-R., MICHELSON, G. (2020). Beyond accountants as technocrats: A common good perspective. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 67-68, 1-14.

FREMEAUX, S. (2020). A common good perspective on diversity. Business Ethics Quarterly, 30 (2), 200-228.

FILIPPOPOULOU, C., GALARIOTIS, E., SPYROU, S. (2020). An Early Warning System for Predicting Systemic Banking Crises in the Eurozone: A Logit Regression Approach. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 172, 344-363.

GAGANIS, C., GALARIOTIS, E., PASIOURAS, F., STAIKOURAS, C. (2020). Bank Profit Efficiency and Financial Consumer Protection Policies. Journal of Business Research, 118 (September 2020), 98-116.

GAREL, A., PETIT-ROMEC, A. (2020). Investor Horizons and Employee Satisfaction: A test of the long-term perspective vision of CSR. Economics Bulletin, 40 (1), 765-781.

ADRIAN FERNANDEZ-PEREZ, A., GAREL, A., IVAN INDRIAWAN, I. (2020). Natural gas storage forecasts: Is the crowd wiser? Energy Journal, 41 (5), 213-238.

FERNANDEZ-PEREZ, A., GAREL, A., INDRIAWAN, I. (2020). Music sentiment and stock returns. Economics Letters, 192 (July 2020), article n° 109260.

GERKE, A., WORATSCHEK, H., DICKSON, G. (2020). The sport cluster concept as middle-range theory for the sport value framework. Sport Management Review, 23 (2), 200-2014.

JU, Y., LIANG, Y., LUIS, M., SANTIBANEZ CONZALEZ, E., GIANNAKIS, M., DONG, P., WANG, A. (2020). A new framework for health-care waste disposal alternative selection under multi-granular linguistic distribution assessment environment. Computers and Industrial Engineering, 145 (July 2020), Article N° 106489.

DUBEY, R., GUNASEKARAN, A., CHILDE, S. J., BRYDE, D., GIANNAKIS, M., FOROPON, C., ... HAZEN, B. (2020). Big data analytics and artificial intelligence pathway to operational performance under the effects of entrepreneurial orientation and environmental dynamism: A study of manufacturing organisations. International Journal of Production Economics, 226 (August 2020), Article n° 107599

GIBASSIER, D., MICHELON, G., CARTEL, M. (2020). The future of carbon accounting research: “we’ve pissed mother nature off, big time”. Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, 11 (3), 477-485.

GIRARD-GUERRAUD, C., GATES, S. (2020). Institutional Contradictions of the French State as Shareholder. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society, 20 (3), 545-558.

ARENAS, D., ALBAREDA, L., GOODMAN, J. (2020). Contestation in Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives: Enhancing the Democratic Quality of Transnational Governance. Business Ethics Quarterly, 30 (2), 169-199. HENNEKAM, S., SARAH RICHARD, S., FRANÇOIS GRIMA, F. (2020). Coping with mental health conditions at work and its impact on self-perceived job performance. Employee Relations, 42 (3), 626-645

HENNEKAM, S., TAHSSAIN-GAY, L., BENRAISS-NOAILLES, L. (2019). Enjeux des dimensions culturelles dans le management de la diversité au sein des multinationales aux Pays-Bas et au Maroc. Management et Sciences Sociales, 27 (Juillet-Décembre), 64-77.

JOHNSEN, R., LACOSTE, S., MEEHAN, J. (2020). Hegemony in asymmetric customer-supplier relationships. Industrial Marketing Management, 87 (May 2020), 63-75.

JOHNSEN, T., ELLRAM, L., HARLAND, C., VAN WEELE, A., ESSIG, M., NASSIMBENI, G., ... WYNSTRA, F. (2020). Purchasing and Supply Management's Identity: Crisis? What Crisis?. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 26 (1), 1-8.

KALAITZOGLOU, I., IBRAHIM, B. M. (2020). OTC trades and liquidity in the European carbon market. More than meets the eye. Applied Economics, 52 (16), 1745-1762.

KOC MICHALSKA, K., GIL DE ZÚÑIGA, H., ROEMMELE, A. (2020). Populism in the Era of Twitter: How Social Media Contextualized New Insights into an Old Phenomenon. New Media and Society, 22 (4), 585-594.

KOC MICHALSKA, K., BOULIANNE, S., BIMBER, B. (2020). Right-Wing Populism, Social Media and Echo Chambers in Western Democracies. New Media and Society, 22 (4), 683-699.

BOULIANNE, S., KOC MICHALSKA, K., BIMBER, B. (2020). Mobilizing Media: Comparing TV and Social Media Effects on Protest Mobilization. Information, Communication and Society, 23 (5), 642-664.

LEE, J. Y., BRANELLEC, G. (2019). Le choix du modèle de régulation des fintech : entre sandbox et soundbox. Revue d'Economie Financière, 4 (136), 387-410.

LEMARIE, L., LANZ, B., BEZENÇON, V. (2020). When self-perceived efforts lead to perseverance: implications for the development of pro-environmental behaviors. Advances in Consumer Research, 47 ([journalnumber]), 728-729.

PUNTIROLI, M., BEZENÇON, V., PINO, G., LEMARIE, L. (2020). When Technology Backfires and when it Succeeds: Positive and Negative Effects of Eco-efficient Automation on Consumers Choices. Advances in Consumer Research, 47, 817-818.

LE PENDEVEN, B., FENDT, J., MILOSEVIC, M. (2020). Follow-on financing through syndication in the VC industry – a signaling perspective of VC human capital and fund characteristics. Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance, 22 (1), 35-69.

LANCELOT MILTGEN, C., WEYDERT, V., DESMET, P. (2020). Convincing consumers to share personal data: double-edged effect of offering money. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 37 (1), 1-9.

LANCELOT MILTGEN, C., RUSSELL, C., CASES, A. (2020). Consumers' responses to Facebook advertising : A cross-device approach. Journal of Advertising Research, 59 (4), 414-432.

HARRIGAN, P., COUSSEMENT, K., LANCELOT MILTGEN, C., RANAWEERA, C. (2020). The future of technology in marketing; utopia or dystopia? Journal of Marketing Management, 36 (3-4), 211-215.

LOMBART, C., MILLAN, E., NORMAND, J.-M., VERHULST, A., LABBE PINLON, B., MOREAU, G. (2020). Effects of Physical, Non-Immersive Virtual, and Immersive Virtual Store Environments on Consumers’ Perceptions and Purchase Behavior. Computers in Human Behavior, 110, Article n° 106374.

LOUCHE, C., STAELENS, L., D’HAESE, M. (2020). When Workplace Unionism in Global Value Chains Does Not Function Well: Exploring the Impediments. Journal of Business Ethics, 162 (2), 379-398.

LOUIS, D., LOMBART, C., DURIF , F. (2020). Apport de la sensibilité aux prix à l’étude du « gap » entre intentions et comportements responsables. Management et Avenir, 117 (June 2020), 103-127

MARTINE, T., BRUMMANS, B., COOREN, F. (2020). At the Junction Between Subsistence and Reference: A Pragmatist Take on Interaction Analysis. Journal of Communication, 70 (1), 90-113.

FAN, J., FERNANDEZ-PEREZ, A., FUERTES, A.-M., MIFFRE, J. (2020). Speculative pressure. Journal of Futures Markets, 40 (4), 575–597

RAD, H., LOW, R., MIFFRE, J., FAFF, R. (2020). Does sophistication of the weighting scheme enhance the performance of long-short commodity portfolios? Journal of Empirical Finance, 58 (September 2020), 164-180.

NASCHBERGER, C. (2020). On ne naît pas soumise, on le devient. By Garcia, Manon Paris: Climats, Flammarion, 2018. Gender, Work and Organization (Book Review)

ALLOING, C., PIERRE, J. (2020). Le tournant affectif des recherches en communication numérique. Communiquer. Revue de communication sociale et politique, 28 (2020), 1-17.

QUENTAL, C. (2020). Feminismo Em Comum: Para Todas, Todes E Todos (Book Review). Feminism in Common: For All. Gender, Work and Organization, Royaume Uni

RADU LEFEBVRE, M., RANDERSON, K. (2020). Successfully navigating the paradox of control and autonomy in succession: the role of managing ambivalent emotions. International Small Business Journal, 38 (3), 184-210.

RANDERSON, K., SEAMAN, C., DASPIT, J., BARREDY, C. (2020). Institutional influences on entrepreneurial behaviours in the family entrepreneurship context: towards an integrative framework. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research, 26

SCHERER, A. G., VOEGTLIN, C. (2020). Corporate Governance for Responsible Innovation: Approaches to Corporate Governance and Their Implications for Sustainable Development. Academy of Management Perspectives, 34 (2), 182-208.


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