Faculty News #7 - Impact on Academia

01 juin 2018
The 6th CR3+ Congress at Audencia

From June 12th to 14th 2018, Audencia welcomed the 6th CR3+ congress, co-organized with three other PRME Champions: Hanken School of Economics (Finland), La Trobe University (Australia) and ISAE.

Corporate Responsibility (CR), is at the interface of business and society. Much work has been done on the impact of business on society and the ways in which businesses have sought to reduce their harmful impacts and/or contribute to society’s wellbeing. But the fact is that business and society do not speak with homogeneous voices, and nor do the researchers who explore them.

A wide range of different actors is relevant in Corporate Responsibility. Each has a different worldview, values, beliefs and interests, different degrees of influence and different ways of communicating. Stakeholder groups themselves do not always speak with one voice. This plurality of voices makes it difficult to navigate the path towards Corporate Responsibility and has highly relevant implications for teaching and practice. Furthermore, many different lenses have been used to theorize CR.

This means the vast and complex patchwork of voices provides a challenging landscape as well as a rich opportunity for research.

So, during three days, participants were invited to explore the identities, needs and demands of actors in Corporate Responsibility, their roles and impacts, and their interactions with business. They could also ponder how to manage multiple voices by businesses and entrepreneurs, or how to navigate the usual and unusual theoretical voices in CR research. Lastly, participants talked about how to prepare students for engaging with the multiple voices they will face as managers.

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