Research Thursdays

Research Thursdays

On Thursday afternoons, Audencia Business School’s departments and institutes organise research seminars featuring faculty members and guests from other French and international academic institutions.
The intense research activity of Rn’B Lab members is highlighted in the workshops and seminars organised by the laboratory and the leaders of Audencia’s five research areas.

Research seminars

Each department regularly invites renowned researchers working in France or abroad to present recent projects at Audencia. This gives students and faculty members the opportunity to keep up to date on the latest work in their fields and meet recognised researchers.

The departments also organise internal research seminars, which allow faculty members and PhD students from Rn’B Lab to present and improve their work through discussion with their colleagues. 

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Methodology workshops

To strengthen the skills of laboratory members, methodology workshops are held regularly. Example topics include:

  • Using research software (e.g., NVivo)
  • Development and implementation of quantitative and qualitative methodologies (e.g., PLS)
  • Documenting and archiving work (e.g., Zotero)
  • Promoting research on social networks

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Publishing workshops

Rn’B Lab members actively participate in workshops to strengthen their skills in scientific writing and assessment of academic articles in the English language. Researchers also receive mentoring in a Higher Degree Research (HDR) approach to management science.