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  • Finance

Director of the Financial Engineering LaboratoryTechnical University of Crete, School of Production Engineering and Management (Greece)


Financial Engineering
Banking Management
Multicriteria Decision Making
Risk Management

Curriculum vitae

Doctorate in Management Sciences
University of Paris-Dauphine

DEA in Finance
University of Paris-Dauphine



GALARIOTIS, E., GERMAIN, C., & ZOPOUNIDIS, C. A combined methodology for the concurrent evaluation of the business, financial and sports performance of football clubs: The case of France. Annals of Operations Research.

Recent articles

GALARIOTIS, E., NOCERA, G., PASIOURAS, F., & ZOPOUNIDIS, C. (2017). Banking, financial markets, risk and financial vulnerability. Journal of Financial Stability, 33, 224-225.
Editorial paper for the special issue of the 2015 FEBS International conference organised by Audencia Business School

DOUMPOS, M., ANDRIOSOPOULOS, K., GALARIOTIS, E., MAKRIDOU, G., & ZOPOUNIDIS, C. (2017). Corporate Failure Prediction in the European Energy Sector: A Multicriteria Approach and the Effect of Country Characteristics. European Journal of Operational Research, 262(1), 347-360.

ANDREOPOULOU, Z., LEMONAKIS, C., KOLIOUSKA, C., ZOPOUNIDIS, C. Internet and agro-tourism sector for regional development in Crete: a multicriteria ranking. International Journal Information and Decision Sciences (2017), 2(9), 116-127

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Doctoral supervision

  • George Manthoulis, Prediction of Bank Bankruptcies, Technical University of Crete (Greece)
  • Helene Angelaki, Marketing Management, Technical University of Crete (Greece) and Audencia Business School
  • Michalis Katharakis, Technology and Innovation Management for the Strategic Development of Regional Structures, Technical University of Crete (Greece)

Scientific activities

Editor in Chief of

  • The International Journal of Food and Beverage Manufacturing and Business Models
  • Operational Research: An International Journal (Springer)
  • The International Journal of Multicriteria Decision Making (Inderscience)
  • The International Journal of Financial Engineering and Risk Management (Inderscience)
  • The International Journal of Corporate Finance and Accounting (IGI Global)

Associate Editor of

  • Optimization Letters (Springer)
  • The International Transactions in Operational Research (Wiley) 

Topical Editor

  • The Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science (EORMS, Wiley)

Editorial Board Member

  • European Journal of Operational Research


  • Financial Engineering and Banking Society, President

Member of

  • French Association of Finance
  • Euro Working Group on Multicriteria Decision Aid
  • Euro Working Group on Financial Modelling
  • HELORS (Hellenic Operational Research Society)
  • Institute of Operations Research and Management Sciences

Strengthening international collaboration for capitalizing on cost-effective and life-saving commodities. Funding: Norwegian Institute of Public Health, 2014-2018

Awards and Honors

  • MCDM Edgeworth-Pareto Award from the International Society of Multiple Criteria Decision Making (2013)
  • Elected member of the Royal Academy of Economics and Finance of Spain (RACEF, 2013)
  • Gold Medal and Diploma in Operations Research from the Hellenic Operational Research Society (2009)
  • Best Interdisciplinary Research Paper Award, Decision Sciences Institute (2000)
  • Gold Medal and Diploma of Social and Human Sciences from the MOISIL International Foundation (1996)