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Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship
Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland


Entrepreneurship and small business
Social aspects of Entrepreneurship & SMEs

Curriculum vitae



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Recent publications


ANDERSON, A.R., 2015. The economic reification of entrepreneurship: re-engaging with the social. In: A. FAYOLLE and P. RIOT, Rethinking entrepreneurship: debating research orientations. pp.44-56.  Routledge. 


MCKEEVER, E., ANDERSON, A. and JACK, S., 2014. Social embeddedness in entrepreneurship research: the importance of context and community. In: E. Chell and M. Karatas-Ozkan, Handbook of research on small business and entrepreneurship. Edward Elgar.

THAI, M.T.T. and TURKINA, E., eds. Internationalization of firms from economies in transition; the effects of a politico-economic paradigm shift. Edward Elgar. July. Chapter 12.

Scientific activities

  • Editor of Entrepreneurship and Regional Development
  • Editorial Board member of 13 other journals
  • Rapporteur and reviewer for ESRC
  • Peer Reviewer for European Science Foundation
  • Member of the Peer Review College of the Danish Council for Strategic Research
  • External Peer reviewer for Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • External Peer reviewer for The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research