International Affiliated Faculty

What is the mission of the International Affiliate Faculty professors ?

To work together with the permanent professors of Audencia, as adviser, co-author, or co-researcher.

The mission of the International Affiliate Faculty is to work together with the permanent professors in their area of expertise. Current IAF practices indicate that they may play three kinds of roles:


  • Adviser. IAF professors provide feedback and recommendations to professors’ current papers, research, and methodology. As senior researchers with broad experience with editorial boards and publishing in best journals, they are entitled to provide rich commentaries so as to improve the chances of Audencia’s permanent professors to get published in top academic journals in the domains of CSR, culture and communication, entrepreneurship, finance, management and supply chain.
  • Co-author. IAF professors come to Nantes up to 10 days per year in order to develop knowledge and relationships with Audencia’s permanent faculty so as to be able to further collaborate together. They write and cosign academic articles with Audencia’s permanent faculty on a regular basis.
  • Co-researcher. In some cases, IAF professors also initiate and conduct new research projects with Audencia’s permanent faculty, which imply doing field work together in the same country or separately in (at least) two countries, with the aim to produce high-quality research outcomes.