The Sport department is in charge of  managing physical and sporting activities (PSA) in different  venues: gymnasium (team sports, dual activities, ...), cardio fitness area (bicycles, rowing machines, treadmills, ...), fitness room (dance, step aerobics, and French boxing, ...), weights training room, collective outdoor sporting venues, physical training on a natural site, outdoor activities (mountain biking, Run & Bike, CO).

The objectives are hierarchical and multiple:


  • Reorganise a sometimes-distant sport practice
  • Restore the habits of managing one's physical life (improve physical condition, health habitus)
  • Enable the discovery and development of physical and sporting activities and to allow for controlled self-improvement
  • Fight against stress
  • Principles of management and management of a small group in autonomy, gain self-confidence
  • Achieve a certain number of specific skills that correspond to generic skills of the Audencia reference framework (see the evaluation sheet in relation to the targeted skills sections)
  • Respond as favourably as possible to the evaluation items selected



Taught concepts

Choices and orientations of the evaluation of "know-how" in sport/PE through 4 items:

  • Investment in oneself (mobilisation of one's resources and commitment, productive participation, perseverance, surpassing oneself, etc.): 7 potential specific skills
  • Investment in the group (group work: access to a collective project methodology, taking responsibility, opening up to others, positioning in the group, regularisation and correction of actions to be carried out, etc.): 13 potential specific skills
  • Knowing oneself (adaptation, evolution): 15 potential specific skills
  • Level of PERFORMANCE (specific to each chosen APSA)

Work cycles of 5 to 6 sessions per APSA

  • Group work
  • Individual and inter-individual work
  • Differentiated pedagogy
  • “Trial and error" method
  • Comparative and autonomous pedagogy:
  1. Evaluation and education through images, observation, self-description, interactivity in the practice of effort and movement
  2. Setting up competitions (matches, tournaments, etc.)
  • Anticipation and progressive preparation for taking charge of a group (example: preparation for the warm-up, setting up a basic learning situation, etc.)

Mountain biking

  • Développer la motricité, découvrir la gestuelle spécifique et les connaissances liées à la pratique du VTT et du RUN & BIKE
  • Se perfectionner dans une activité physique et sportive de pleine nature : avec un développement d'une motricité élaborée et adaptée et la gestion de l'effort
  • S'adapter à tous les niveaux de pratique
  • Acquérir un minimum de connaissances techniques pour le bon fonctionnement et l'entretien du VTT
  • Responsabiliser les étudiants
  • Atteindre un certain nombre de compétences spécifiques répondant aux compétences génériques du référentiel Audencia (voir rubriques "Compétences visées")



A 2-hour session on the practice range and 18-holes of the Nantes Erdre golf course accompanied by a club professional.

Sessions on Thursday afternoon from 1:30 pm for group 1 and 3:30 pm for group 2

Objective of the course:

  1. To develop motor skills, specific movements and knowledge related to the practice of golf
  2. To empower the students
  3. To achieve a certain number of specific skills that meet the generic skills of the Audencia reference framework (see "Targeted skills" section)

Please note that obtaining the "green card" is no longer systematic since 2015. It remains an objective to be reached (see your teacher for the federal validation conditions) and not a condition for validation at the end of the cycle. The evaluation concerns the validation of skills with the application of a mark and the obtaining or not of a credit.



Course objective

  1. To maintain and strengthen physical skills
  2. To develop knowledge and practice of rowing
  3. To encourage group work
  4. To prepare for bronze and silver level rowing
  5. To achieve a certain number of specific competencies that meet the generic competencies of the Audencia reference framework (see "Targeted competencies" section)

Requirements: Ability to swim 50 metres minimum


Hervé Delaunay

Head of department