Marketing reinvented

To respond to the challenges facing society today, marketing must reinvent itself. That’s why Audencia Business School’s Marketing Department conducts research on alternative consumption patterns, new forms of consumer engagement, new relationships between consumers and markets, reappropriation of market logic and new business models – as well as the resulting questions about social responsibility.

Our EducAlim research-action project – initiated in 2010 and financed with public and funds through the Ministry of Agriculture and Fleury-Michon via the Audencia Foundation – is just one example of our research on food consumption practices.

Finally, for 20 years, the team of the In Situ Research Center, which has recently become "In Situ Lab", has been carrying out experimental work in the field of distribution within two dedicated laboratories, one physical and one virtual, on three major themes: effects of marketing and retail levers, (price, promotion-price, assortment, store brand, merchandising, ...) on the perceptions and behaviors of consumers in stores; background and customer consequences of the image of prices, responsible brands, and the proximity of sales outlets and signs; valorization of in-store "responsible" offers (fair trade products, local and regional products, "without" products, deformed fruits and vegetables) and their impact on the well-being of consumers. The team is also planning to transfer its expertise to the health sector (patient care path).


Discover some of the programmes offered to students in marketing:

Research Thursdays

On Thursday afternoons, each department regularly invites renowned researchers working in France or abroad to present recent projects at Audencia. The departments also organise internal research seminars, which allow faculty members and PhD students from Rn’B Lab to present and improve their work through discussion with their colleagues.

To strengthen the skills of laboratory members, methodology workshops are held regularly:

  • Using research software (e.g., NVivo)
  • Development and implementation of quantitative and qualitative methodologies (e.g., PLS)
  • Promoting research on social networks

Rn’B Lab members actively participate in workshops to strengthen their skills in scientific writing and assessment of academic articles in the English language. Researchers also receive mentoring in a Higher Degree Research (HDR) approach to management science.

See the Research Thursdays Programme


Céline del Bucchia

Head of Pedagogy

Linda Lemarié

Head of Research