The Department of Finance is devoted to excellence in teaching and research in the full range of subfields of finance including corporate finance, banking, asset pricing, portfolio analysis, risk management, energy finance and market microstructure. Aligned with ECOS 2025, our curriculum and research are guided by the principle of "responsible business", which concerns shareholder wealth as well as climate change and social transition. The ultimate aim is to develop a curriculum and a research that serve the interests of society as a whole.

The Department of Finance facilitates a stimulating environment for research and learning. It has grown in recent years to become one of the most highly-regarded finance groups in France and in Europe. Faculty members regularly publish in top academic journals, with recent publications being featured in the Journal of Financial Economics, the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, the Review of Finance, and Management Science.

The Department of Finance also maintains close ties with private and public institutions both nationally and internationally. As such, part of our research agenda aims at supporting public policy makers and corporate practitioners. As testimony of its impact, our research has received in recent years numerous public and private funding (for example, PANORisk, Horizon 2020, ANR, Finance for Innovation chair. The Department of Finance regularly hosts a wide variety of seminars and conferences (for example, the 2021 conference of the French Finance Association). Our research is further communicated to the public through traditional and online media.

Our pedagogy guides our students to develop strong technical skills and critical thinking. It is driven by renewed efforts for the development of teaching material that integrates the required rigour of finance practitioners with a focus on social and environmental responsibility. We offer programs ranging from undergraduate to executive levels and enjoy a reputation of excellence for our teaching.


Discover some of the programmes offered to students in Finance:

Finance majors in Master in Management programme:

  • corporate finance major
  • financial markets major
  • financial strategy major
  • financial analysis and investment management major

Finance major in Bachelor in Business Administration programme

MSc Financial Technology and Risk Control

MS Financial Strategies and Sustainable Investments

Executive MSc Directeur financier




Elias Demetriades

Head of Department

Carine Girard-Guerraud

Head of Research