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DBA - Paris

  • #Management général, Gouvernance et Entrepreneuriat

To allow executives and managers to advance their careers and assert their expertise, while relying on research work, Audencia and Toulouse Business School offer a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) with seminars taking place in Paris.

As the highest level in management training, the DBA is organized around faculty members from both schools who are recognized for their publications in leading academic journals and their proximity to businesses.

Through seminars organized as blocked weeks, to be compatible with an on-going high-level professional activity, and tutoring by available faculty members, participants develop the skills needed to conduct management research and integrate the results of this research in companies and other organizations.

Key information

  • Training duration: 8 blocked weeks distributed over 3 years (240 hours of face-to-face training)
  • Eligibility criteria: MBA or Master degree + 8 years professional experience + managerial responsibilities
  • Selection: academic record and interview (application fee: € 240 including VAT)
  • Cost of training: € 32,000 (not subject to VAT)
  • Venue: Paris


The DBA proposed by Audencia and Toulouse Business School is a 3-year program taking place in Paris. It includes 1-week research seminars, organized every 3 months. In parallel, participants are accompanied by their tutors and in collective seminars to prepare their doctoral project that mobilizes management theories, in order to change the business models, strategies and management practices.

This rhythm has been designed to be compatible with a professional activity. It is a demanding training course that requires strong motivation and constant involvement. The teaching methods of the DBA are meant to be participatory. The pedagogical approach is highly focused on experience-sharing. Courses are conducted in an interactive mode with each trainee contributing their personal added value to the program.


  • Stand outside the box in order to identify and analyze innovative business models, management strategies and practices
  • Base decisions on a thorough and systematic analysis of academic works and the implementation of a rigorous methodology
  • Learn how to create and disseminate knowledge, either within the company or outside by intervening in higher education in the field of management


The DBA opens with a one-week seminar dedicated to introducing management research. This seminar is designed to provide participants with all the basic keys to complete their doctoral project. After identifying the success factors of good research, it will cover the epistemological choices and different methodologies in management research. This seminar and individual work supervised by the tutor, allow participants to present their research work to the scientific committee of the DBA.

Every 3 months, a thematic research seminar led by one or two faculty members from Audencia or Toulouse Business School is organized. These seminars are meant to introduce participants to the latest research in the various fields of management and show them the diversity of research methodologies. Participants are encouraged to read research articles upstream of the course in order to promote exchanges at the seminar.

Each participant in the DBA is mentored by a tutor who is a recognized academic expert in his or her field and who interacts closely with companies. In parallel, group seminars on the completion of the doctoral project are organized throughout the program during the thematic seminars. These group seminars are used to guide participants through each key stage of their doctoral project.

Each month, participants can engage in lively online research seminars led by faculty members from Audencia and Toulouse Business School who present their latest works and publications. Participants are invited to regularly participate in seminars or watch the videos afterward.

Step 1: pre-admission interview

After indicating your interest in the training course, you are invited to talk with your Training Advisor. This personal interview assesses to what extent your career and personal goals match the objectives of our DBA. Your training advisor will also help you better understand the program, the organization to set up and the admission process.

Step 2: pre-screening Document

You then submit your application file accompanied by:

  • a resume
  • a cover letter
  • a certified copy of your diplomas,
  • a document certifying your professional experience
  • your company's support letter
  • two letters of recommendation

Step 3: selection

The Scientific Committee of the DBA decides on your admission in relation to your research project.

As part of the DBA, each participant writes a doctoral project based on management theories in order to address a practical issue encountered in business and make a managerial contribution.
To prepare this doctoral project, participants are supported by faculty members recognized for their expertise in the field. They will assist participants in refining the issue, carrying out a systematic review of the academic literature, implementing rigorous methodology and drawing conclusions from the results.

In addition, group seminars on the completion of the doctoral project are organized throughout the program during the thematic seminars.

Participant profiles

  • Average age of participants: 42 years
  • Average work experience: 20 years

The diversity of the profiles in each year-class is a key factor to promote experience-sharing. Coming from different countries, DBA trainees have various functions in different industries and all have proven managerial experience.

The size of each year-class, between 10 and 15 people, enables close interaction between participants and faculty members.