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  • Management Department

Teaching Domains

Conflict Management
Diversity Management
Cross-Cultural Management

Research Domains

Human Resources Management

Curriculum vitae

HDR, Social and Human Sciences, Management
EM Strasbourg, France (2019)

PhD in Human Resources Management
Open University (Milton Keynes), Great Britain (2013)

MSc in Diversity Management
ESC Rennes, France (2008)

Master thesis in Psychology
Utrecht University for Humanism, Netherlands (The) (2007)

Bachelor in Psychology
Utrecht University for Humanism, Netherlands (The) (2006)



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Scientific activities

Associate Editor :

  • Associate Editor for Employee Relations (Since 2019)

Guest Editor :

  • Guest editor for special issue on mental illness (2019-2021)

Reviewer for an academic journal :

  • Reviewed multiple manuscripts

Member of an academic association :

  • Member of EGOS (2019)
  • Member of EURAM (2019)
  • ANZAM member (2019)

Reviewer for a scientific conference :


Member of the scientific board :

  • Equality, Diversity and inclusion (EDI)

Awards and Honors

  • Emerald Literati Outstanding Paper Award 2019 , 2019
  • Junior Professor Award FNEGE 2016 , 2017

Doctoral supervision

Thesis Reviewer

- 2018, Kathleen Connell : Investigating career development and transition through the lens of Austalian classical singers
Griffith Business School, Australia

J. CRABTREE : Tunesmiths and toxicity: workplace harassment in the contemporary music industries in Australia and New Zealand