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  • Business & Society Department

Academic director DBA

Curriculum vitae

HDR (Research Supervision Qualification)
Université Pierre Mendès France, France (2012)

Customer-supplier relationships and internationalisation in networks

PhD in Management
University of Bath, Great Britain (2005)

BA Honours in Marketing
University of Strathclyde, Great Britain (1987)



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JOHNSEN, R., JOHNSEN, T., HERTZ, S., & HULTMAN, J. (2009). Global sourcing development at IKEA – A case study., 25th IMP Conference.

Scientific activities

Member of the editorial board :

  • Journal of General Management (2018)

Reviewer for an academic journal :

  • Industrial Marketing Management
  • European Management Journal
  • Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management
  • Journal of Business Research
  • Journal of General Management

Member of an academic association :

  • Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group (IMP)

Doctoral supervision

Thesis director

Christie Hung : Customer-supplier relationships in Taiwanese fashion industry
Audencia Business School, France

SUN JIN : The appropriate entry mode for Chinese public universities to establish transnational education programs overseas

Thesis Jury President

- 2018, Yu Gong : The influencing mechanism of employees' perceived corporate social responsibility on work meaningfulness: two case studies in the tourist hotel industry in the Sichuan region

- 2018, Jiang Hu : Which is more important, the office or the pantry? The complementary impacts of enterprise social media tools on team performance.

- 2018, Sun Ping : Research on the impact of the social responsibility of Chinese certified tax agents, industry on industry employees-take HSG as an example

- 2018, Jianqi Tan : CEO empowered leadership and organizational innovation: roles of collective energy and TMT traditionality

Thesis Jury Member

- 2018, Robert Bowen : The internationalisation of food and drink SMEs: towards a recipe for success
Aberystwyth University, Great Britain

- 2017, Salman Khan : Methodology to measure and manage the offline and online corporate relations

- 2017, Christel Gayet : Transferts de production internationaux dans l'industrie aeronautique

- 2017, Yazid Debbich : The lean-performance relationship:reconciling the pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness

- 2018, Sam Barrows : Are oil industry mergers becoming less profitable?

- 2018, Fortin Pierre-Loiuis : Comment mieux evaluer la capacite a changer organisationnelle dans un prjet de changement?

- 2018, Patrice Maillot : L'impact de la strategie sur la performance des projets: quels indicateurs suivre?

- 2018, Mazen Bekdash : Identifying the most effective leadership and decision-making style for airline crisis management in emerging markets

- 2016, Kirsten Frandsen : Business relationships and relationship value: a case study of value perceptions in a supplier-customer relationship
University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

- 2018, Jiang Tao : Research on the relationship between management shareholding and enterprise performance from the perspective of R&D investment