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More information

Redouane EL AMRANI

Associate Professor

  • Management Department

Curriculum vitae

Doctorate, Business administration, Information Systems Management
Université de Nantes, France (2004)

Master of Science, Business administration, Information Systems Management
Université de Versailles, France (2000)

MSc in International Business
Université du Littoral, France (1998)


EL AMRANI, R., ALLEMAND, L., DAGORN, N., & ELGANI, S. (2016). DCG 8. Systèmes d'Information de Gestion. Paris: Vuibert.

EL AMRANI, R. (2018). Frantz Rowe, penser la complexité de la dynamique entre changement organisationnel et systèmes d’information sous l’angle de la causalité. In Isabelle WALSH, Michel KALIKA, Carine DOMINGUEZ-PÉRY (Eds.), Les grands auteurs en systèmes d’information (pp. 648 pages). Editions EMS.

EL AMRANI, R., SAINT-LÉGER, G., & OLOGEANU-TADDEI, R. (2017). Les Progiciels de Gestion Intégrés. In Marc Bidan et Cécile Godé (Ed.), Management des Systèmes d’Information DSCG 5 (pp. 464 pages). Paris: Vuibert.

EL AMRANI, R., KIM, E., KUAN, K., VAGHASIYA, M., PENM, J., GUNJA, N., POON, S. (2019). Understanding Health Information Technology Assimilation at Individual Level: The Case of Electronic Medication Management System., European Conference on Information Systems (pp. 1-14).

EL AMRANI, R., ARYAL, A., TRUEX, D. (2018). Enterprise Systems Competency Centers: Structure or a Process? Sociomateriality approach., 23ème colloque AIM (Association Information & Management).

EL AMRANI, R., ARYAL, A., TRUEX, D. (2018). The use of Leximancer in Discourse Analysis of Enterprise Systems Post Implementation Literature., AIM Pre-ICIS (International Conference on Information Systems) (pp. 1-16).

EL AMRANI, R., ROWE, F., CECEZ-KECMANOVIC, D., NGWENYAMA, O., TEMPLIER, M. (2017). « What is a High-Quality Literature Review? Systematicity, transparency and argumentation structure vs originality, problematization and insights., European Conference on Information Systems.

EL AMRANI, R., EL QUAMMAH, A. (2016). Conciliation organisationnelle entre stabilité et changement., AIM Pre-ICIS (International Conference on Information Systems).

Scientific activities

Guest Editor :

  • Information Technology for Development Journal (ITDJ)
  • Economia Journal. Place des TI dans l’économie marocaine

Reviewer for an academic journal :

  • Business Process Management Journal
  • European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS)
  • Information Technology for Development Journal
  • Systèmes d'Information et Management
  • Information Technology and People Journal
  • International Conference of Information Systems (ICIS)
  • Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems (MCIS)
  • IADIS Information System Conference
  • European Confirmation of Information Systems (ECIS)
  • Association Information et Management (AIM) Conference

Member of an academic association :

  • Association of Information Systems (AIS)
  • Association, Information et Management (AIM)
  • Information System (IADIS), Espagne & Portugal

Reviewer for a scientific conference :

  • Reviewer for Americas Conference on Information Systems

Member of the scientific board :

  • 22ème conférence de l’Association Information et Management (AIM) SKEMA Business School (Paris, France)

Doctoral supervision

Thesis Jury Member

Arun Aryal : Managing Enterprise Systems Post-Implementation through competency centers: an inquiry into assemblage and emergence
Georgia State University, United States of America

Issa Helmi : Understanding Technostress from Nonlinear Perspective: Theoretical and Empirical Evidence
ESC Rennes, France