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Associate Professor

  • Business & Society Department

Curriculum vitae

University of Manitoba, Canada

MA Economics
Zhengzhou University, China (PRC)

BA Economics
Zhengzhou University, China (PRC)



ZHENG, W., NI, N., CRILLY, D. () . Non-Profit Organizations as a Nexus between Government and Business in an Emerging Market: Evidence from Chinese Charities, Strategic Management Journal


WALKER, K., ZHANG, Z., NI, N. (2018) . The Mirror Effect: Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Social Irresponsibility and Firm Performance in Coordinated Market Economies and Liberal Market Economies, British Journal of Management 0 1-18


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NI, N., CHEN, Q., DING, S., WU, Z. (2017) . Professionalization and Cost Efficiency of Fundraising in Charitable Organizations: The Case of Charitable Foundations in China, Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Non-Profit Organization, 28 (2), 773-797


CRILLY, D., NI, N., JIANG, Y. (2016) . Do-no-harm versus Do-good Social Responsibility: Attributional Thinking and the Liability of Foreignness, Strategic Management Journal, 37 (7), 1316-1329


MCGINNIS, J., NI, N. (2015) . The Impact of Political Connections on Donations to Chinese NGOs. (Equal authorship), International Public Management Journal, 18 (4), 514-535

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WALKER, K., NI, N., DYCK, B. (2015) . Recipes for Successful Sustainability: Empirical Organizational Configurations for Strong Corporate Environmental Performance, Business Strategy and the Environment, 24 (1), 40-57


NI, N., QIAN, C., CRILLY, D. (2014) . The Stakeholder Enterprise: Caring for the Community by Attending to Employees., Strategic Organization, 12 (1), 38-61

WALKER, K., NI, N., HUO, W. (2014) . Is the Red Dragon Green? An Examination of the Antecedents and Consequences of Environmental Proactivity in China, Journal of Business Ethics, 125 (1), 27-43


SARKIS, J., NI, N., ZHU, Q. (2011) . Winds of Change: Corporate Social Responsibility in China, Ivey Business Journal, 75 (1),


NI, N., WAN, F. (2008) . A Configurational Perspective of Branding Capabilities Development in the Emerging Economies: The Case of the Chinese Cellular Phone Industry, Journal of Brand Management, 15 (6), 433-451

VALLIERE, D., NI, N., WISE, S. (2008) . Prior Relationships and M&A Exit Valuations: A Set-theoretic Approach, Journal of Private Equity, 11 (2), 60-73

Scientific activities

Member of the editorial board :

  • Management and Organization Review

Reviewer for an academic journal :

  • Business & Society
  • Corporate Governance: An International Review
  • Journal of Management Studies
  • Management and Organization Review
  • Research in Sociology of Organizations
  • Socio-Economic Review

Member of an academic association :

  • Academy of International Business
  • Academy of Management
  • Administrative Sciences Association of Canada
  • International Association for Chinese Management Research

Member of the scientific board :

  • Comparative Methods for Systematic Cross-Case Analysis
  • Sustainability, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship (SEE) Annual Conference

Awards and Honors

  • Best Paper Award (with D. Crilly), Governance and Institutions Track, Academy of International Business Annual Conference, Nagoya, Japan , 2011
  • Finalist for Temple Best Paper Prize (with D. Crilly), Academy of International Business Annual Conference, Nagoya, Japan , 2011
  • Nomination for All-Academy Carolyn Dexter Award (with P. Dass and K. Zantow), Academy of Management Annual Conference, Philadelphia, USA , 2007
  • Best Paper Award of the Strategy Division (with P. Dass and K. Zantow), Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Annual Conference, Ottawa, Canada , 2007
  • Best Paper Award of the Strategy Division (with P. Dass), Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada , 2005