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Matthieu MIFSUD

Assistant Professor

  • Marketing Department

Head of Major -Marketing

Curriculum vitae

Doctorate in Management Sciences
Université de Montpellier, France (2016)

Master in Marketing and Communication and Information Technology
Université de Montpellier, France (2009)



MIFSUD, M., MOLINES, M., CASES, A., N'GOALA, G. (2019) . “It’s MY healthcare program”: Enhancing diabetic patient's compliance: the role of Psychological Ownership, Social Science and Medicine, 232 (July 2019), 307-315


MIFSUD, M., N'GOALA, G., CASES, A. (2015) . Service appropriation: how do customers make the service their own? Journal of Service Management,, Journal of Service Management, 26 (5), 706-725

MIFSUD, M. (2014). Les conditions d’efficacité de la publicité dans la lutte contre le surpoids et l’obésité, dans une pandémie d’obésité. In une pandémie d’obésité (Ed.). Les Etudes Hospitalières.

MOLINES, M., MIFSUD, M., PERRIER , A. (2020). Regulatory Focus Theory and Public Service Motivation. International Research Society for Public Management 2020.

MIFSUD, M., MOLINES, M., PERRIER , A. (2020). Motivated for Serving: the Impact of Self Regulatory Focus on Self-Sacrifice and Engagement. Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management.

MIFSUD, M., MOLINES, M., PERRIER , A. (2020). Ideal vs Ought Self‐guides: a Self-Regulatory Model for Public Services. In European Academy of Management Conference (Ed.), European Academy of Management Conference.

Scientific activities

Member of an academic association :

  • Association Française du Marketing (AFM)