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Associate Professor

  • Marketing Department

Research head - Marketing Department

Teaching Domains

Sector Marketing
Marketing research
Research Methodology in Management
Social Marketing
Integrated Marketing Communication

Research Domains

Social Marketing
Sustainable Marketing
Consumer Behavior
Transformative Consumer Research

Curriculum vitae

PhD in Marketing
HEC Montréal, Canada (2013)

CAPET Economie et Gestion option Communication
Ministère de l'Education Nationale, France (2006)

M.Sc. in Marketing
Université de Paris IX - Dauphine, France (2005)



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CHEBAT, J.-C., LEMARIE, L., BELLAVANCE, F., FAUBERT, J. (2014). Mort versus Ostracisme : Deux stratégies du risque vers les jeunes conducteurs québecois. Retrieved from

Scientific activities

Reviewer for an academic journal :

  • Reviewer for the Journal of Business Research
  • Reviewer for Recherche et Applications en Marketing (RAM)
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Social Marketing

Doctoral supervision

Thesis director

University of Neuchâtel, Sweden