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Associate Professor

  • Marketing Department

Head of Pedagogy, Marketing department

Head of the Pole of specialization "Marketing"

Joint-Head of the Major "Marketing for Product"

Curriculum vitae

Université de Genève, Switzerland (2010)

Master in Management
EDHEC Business School, France (1996)



DEL BUCCHIA, C., LANCELOT MILTGEN, C., RUSSEL, C., BURLAT, C. (2018) . Exploring consumers' technology dreams and nightmares: A collage elicitation study, Advances in Consumer Research


DEL BUCCHIA, C., PENALOZA, L. (2016) . 'No, I won’t eat that!' Parental self-transformation in clashes of role enactment and children’s will, Journal of Business Research, 69 (1), 145-154


GUILLARD, V., DEL BUCCHIA, C. (2012) . When Online Recycling Enables Givers to Escape the Tensions of the Gift Economy, Research in Consumer Behavior, 14 47-65

GUILLARD, V., DEL BUCCHIA, C. (2012) . How about giving my things away over the Internet? When Internet makes it easier to give things away, Advances in Consumer Research, 40 630-631

DEL BUCCHIA, C., & PENALOZA, L. (2016). Mothers’ tales of family dinners: insights into how consumption changes roles., 13th Gender, Marketing, and Consumer Research conference.

DEL BUCCHIA, C. (2015). No, I won’t eat that”: parents’ self-transformation in the face of role expectations and children’s will., 8th Workshop on Interpretive Consumer Research.

DEL BUCCHIA, C., & PENALOZA, L. (2013). Parents as Domesticators and Domesticated: Negotiation of practices and meanings in family meals., 8th Consumer Culture Theory Conference.

DEL BUCCHIA, C., GUILLARD, V., & DELACROIX, E. (2012). Quand les individus ont recours à de nouveaux modes de circulation des objets d'occasion., 28ème Congrès International de l’Association Française du Marketing (AFM).

DEL BUCCHIA, C., GUILLARD, V., & DELACROIX, E. (2012). How about giving my things away over the Internet? When Internet makes it easier to give things away., 7th Consumer Culture Theory Conference.


DEL BUCCHIA, C. (2017). Séduire les enfants sans susciter le rejet des parents. Stratégies.

DEL BUCCHIA, C. (2017). Le repas devient interactif et ludique. Stratégies (1889).

DEL BUCCHIA, C. (2016). Zoom sur l'enfant consommateur. Journal des Grandes Ecoles et Universités.

Professional Conferences


Scientific activities

Reviewer for an academic journal :

  • Journal of Consumer Research (JCR)
  • Advances in Consumer Research (ACR)
  • Revue de l’Organisation Responsable (ROR)
  • Revue Française de Gestion (RFG)
  • European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC)

Member of an academic association :

  • Association for Consumer Research (ACR)
  • Consumer Culture Theory (CCT)

Awards and Honors

  • Coach of the Audencia team, l’Oréal Brandstorm price, 1rst French place, 3rd international place , 2015
  • Price of pedagogical innovation, Audencia , 2012
  • Swiss National Science Foundation, research allocation (28 K€) , 2010
  • University of Geneva, “Subside tremplin”, allocation for women academic careers (10 K€) , 2009