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Measurement, Control & Audit of Multi-Capital Integrated Performance

The first International Research Centre dedicated to this critical topic

This new research centre aims to reinforce multi-capital measurement systems, to participate in the international standardization processes and support the development of accounting for sustainable development and its integration into organisations. 

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Delphine GIBASSIER has just been nominated among the panel of judges for the 2020 Global Responsible Award. 

She is the only academic, member of the panel of judges for the 2020 Global Responsible Award within a small group of 11 international experts judges worldwide.

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Our vision

To develop an integrated multi-capital accounting system accessible to all companies (SMEs and large companies): 

  • That can be integrated within management control and internal control, but also be used to report to multi-stakeholders.
  • And that is compatible with international standards and Sustainable Development Goals, as well as with the concept of planetary boundaries
  • Train and raise awareness of sustainable development among teams of accountants and controllers
  • Offer insights on the evolution of the field 
  • Analyse and decipher international standards and their evolution  
  • Accompany teams with the right tools and systems
  • Participate in the standardisation at national, European and international level  
  • Contribute with though-provoking research to the reflection of international standard-setters 
  • Collaborate in the international standards’ harmonization process

Our approach

We work with companies and mobilize them for cases studies necessary for the experimentation of our work through research-intervention methods.

We work for the public interest, collaborating with public and private institutions, which multi-capital accounting standards. 

  • Research contract on the redesign of the COP for the UN Global Compact (2020-2021)
  • Research contract on carbon accounting for SMEs with ADEME (2016-2019)
  • Research contract with the French Accounting Standard-Setter (ANC)on integrated reporting and capital reporting (2017-2019)
  • Contract with the Institute of Management Accountants on the role of sustainability CFOs (2017-2018)
  • Contract with the Institute of Management Accountants on integrated reporting (2013-2016)



Our teaching

  • MBA Chief Value Officer (opens in 2021)
  • A course «Corporate Societal Impact» (Grande Ecole Master)
  • Executive education 
  • Studies cases (See below Our publications / Studies cases)

Our white papers

  • Report on multi-capital accounting and the link with financial accounting (June 2020)
  • Report on current multi-capital accounting models  (september 2020)
  • Report on impact measurement  (october 2020)
  • Measurement, Control & Audit of System Value Creation: the online guide (december 2020)
  • Multi-capital accounting integrated model (March 2021)
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GIBASSIER, D., EL OMARI, S. and NACCACHE, P. (Forthcoming), "Institutional Work In The Birth of a Carbon Accounting Profession”, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

GIBASSIER, D., MICHELON, G., CARTEL, M. (2020) . The future of carbon accounting research: “we’ve pissed mother nature off, big time”, Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal

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GIBASSIER, D., ARJALIÈS, D.-L., RODRIGUE, M., MARK, K. (2018). Danone: adopting integrated reporting or not? (B)Ivey Publishing, 9B18B017.

GIBASSIER, D., JÉRÔME, T. (2016). Danone: Emergence d’une comptabilité de gestion environnementale. CCMP, C0443.

GIBASSIER, D., JÉRÔME, T. (2016). Danone: The rise of environmental accounting management and strategy. CCMP, C0443(GB).

Participation in materiality workshop organized by DG FISMA European Commission (2019) 

Scientific coordinator of the ADEME report on Carbon Accounting and SMEs project (2016-2019)

Contribution to the report of Patrick de Cambourg (2019) “Ensuring the relevance and reliability of non-financial corporate information: an ambition and a competitive advantage for a sustainable Europe”. 

Contribution to the CESE report (2018) SMEs and small businesses: how to make a successful transition to carbon neutrality


Palmeiro, L. and Gibassier, D. (2020), Your Company’s Next Leader on Climate is the CFO, Harvard Business Review.

Gibassier, D. et Palmeiro, L. (2018), Le Sustainability CFO (Podcast)

The Centre's Ecosystem

Delphine Gibassier is member of the technical working group du Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB)

Delphine Gibassier is member of the Expert Network du Global Compact (United Nations)

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Delphine Gibassier

Research Centre Director

Dr Delphine Gibassier is associate professor of accounting for sustainable development at Audencia. She has 18 years of experience in financial and non-financial accounting.

She is expert for the UN Global compact. She worked with IIRC, WBCSD, R.3.0 group, Natural Capital Coalition and CDSB, as well as, the Accounting Standards Authority (ANC) on carbon accounting, multi-capital accounting and integrated report.

In practice, she has developed carbon accounting, Sustainable Development Goals accounting, multi-capital accounting and integrated reporting for large companies and SMEs.

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