About our chairs

What is a Chair ?

From academic expertise to managerial field application

Supported by the Audencia Foundation, a Chair is a centre for the promotion of a discipline or emerging knowledge through the development of research and teaching on a specific management issue. By encouraging the transmission of knowledge, it is positioned as an interface for creating synergies between the expertise of research professors, partner companies and the socio-economic world in the field concerned. 


Audencia's Chairs develop their work in relation to an aspect of corporate social responsibility or innovation, integrating different thematic issues into their objectives. 

Each Chair is led by one or more professors who are recognised in their field of expertise. They are supported by a permanent team of doctoral students and/or study and research project managers, as well as by other teacher-researchers from the school who can contribute their complementary skills on an ad hoc basis.

  • Positive Impact Chair
  • Family and Social Entrepreneurship Chair
  • REALITES Chair - Bringing to life the intelligence of territories
  • Finance for Innovation Chair
  • Purchasing & Digital Innovation Chair
  • Global Multi-Capital Performance Chair

Audencia also develops research projects in conjunction with partner companies as part of specific action research programmes on the following themes 

  • Behaviour & Financial Vulnerability Programme
  • Communication & Affect Programme

19 Teaching Chairs also enable the development of academic courses in various areas of expertise: Purchasing, Actor for the Energy Transition, Audit, Bachelor's Degree, Business Development, Corporate Communication and Digital Transformation, Consulting, Corporate Finance, Dual Competence, Finance, Food and Agribusiness Management, Engineering Manager, Digital Marketing, Marketing, MBA, Public Policy, Human Resources, Marketing, Design and Creation & SciencesCom.

Les Chaires AUDENCIA

Les Chaires d’Audencia développent leurs travaux en lien avec un aspect de la responsabilité sociétale des entreprises ou de l’innovation, en intégrant différents enjeux thématiques à leurs objectifs.

Chaque chaire est animée par un ou des enseignants-chercheurs reconnu.e.s dans leur domaine de prédilection. Ils s’appuient sur une équipe permanente de doctorants et/ou de chef(fe)s de projet études et recherche ainsi que sur d’autres enseignants-chercheurs de l’école qui peuvent intervenir ponctuellement pour apporter des compétences complémentaires.

  • Chaire Impact Positif
  • Chaire Entrepreneuriat Familial et Société
  • Chaire RÉALITÉS – Faire vivre l’intelligence des territoires
  • Chaire Finance pour l’innovation
  • Chaire achat & innovation digitale
  • Chaire Performance Globale Multi-Capitaux

 Audencia développe également des projets de recherche en lien avec des entreprises partenaires dans le cadre de programme spécifique en recherche-action sur les thématiques qui suivent :

  • Programme Comportements & Vulnérabilité financière
  • Programme Communication & Affect

19 Chaires d’enseignement permettent aussi le développement d’enseignements académiques sur différentes expertises : Achats, Acteur pour la transition énergétique, Audit, Bachelor, Business Development, Communication Corporate et transformation digitale, Consulting, Corporate Finance, Double Compétence, Finance, Food and Agribusiness Management, Ingénieur Manager, Marketing Digital, Marketing, MBA, Politiques Publiques, Ressources Humaines, Marketing, Design et Création & SciencesCom.

The Research & Business Unit

Created in 2014, the Research & Business Unit (R&B) is an entity of Audencia's academic management. The team's mission is to establish a link between the faculty's academic expertise and the socio-economic world of companies. As a central and privileged interlocutor for partners and research professors, the centre develops ways of observing and analysing society, in order to give meaning and application in the field to the academic expertises. 

Its different missions are:

  • Combining the needs of companies and the expertise of research professors, 
  • Designing operational research studies, builds innovative animation and awareness-raising methods,
  • Mobilising students on collaborative projects
  • Promoting the results of research (forums, events, communication on the Internet, etc.), 
  • Developing experiments in the territories and develops audiovisual creations for sharing experiences in a playful way.

Do you have a project ?

Do you have academic expertise and would like to develop it through an action research programme or a Chair supported by partner companies? Are you part of an organisation and would like to respond to certain challenges you face with research expertise applied to your field? 

Contact the R&B team to receive support and discuss your projects!

Vous avez un projet ?

Vous disposez d'une expertise académique et vous souhaitez la valoriser via un programme de recherche action ou une Chaire en lien avec des entreprises partenaires ? Vous faites partie d'une organisation et souhaitez répondre à certains enjeux que vous rencontrez grâce à une expertise en recherche appliquée à votre terrain ? 

Contactez le pôle R&B pour être accompagné et échanger sur vos projets !