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  • Management Department

Curriculum vitae

Brunel University, Great Britain (1988)

Bachelor in Sociology
Kingston University, Great Britain (1984)



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Scientific activities

Member of the editorial board :

  • ACM IEEE Transactions on Management Information Systems (ACM TMIS)
  • International Journal of Organizational Analysis
  • Information Systems Research
  • International Journal of Electronic Government Research
  • Journal of Health Information Technology Reform Initiatives
  • Strategic Journal of Information Systems
  • Journal of Information Technology
  • Journal of Enterprise Applications Integration
  • International Journal of Information Technology and Management

Awards and Honors

  • Best Paper Award 2018 of the Journal of Information Technology for the article "Dialectic Tensions in the Financial Markets: A Longitudinal Study of pre- and Post-Crisis Regulatory Technology" https://doi.org/10.1057%2Fs41265-017-0047-5 , 2018