Rui GE

Associate Professor

  • Finance Department

Teaching Domains

Management Accounting

Research Domains

Production of Financial Information
Corporate Tax Avoidance
Corporate Finance

Curriculum vitae

HKUST - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China (PRC) (2009)

Renmin University of China, China (PRC) (2004)

Renmin University of China, China (PRC) (2001)



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CHEN, Y., GE, R., LOUIS, H., ZOLOTOY, L. (2019) . Stock liquidity and corporate tax avoidance, Review of Accounting Studies, 24 (1), 309–340


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GE, R., LENNOX, C. (2011) . Do acquirers disclose good news or withhold bad news when they finance their acquisitions using equity?, Review of Accounting Studies, 16 (1), 183–217

GE, R., SEYBERT, N., ZHANG, F. (2017). Investor sentiment and conditional accounting conservatism. Annual Conference of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association 2017.

CHEN, Y., GE, R., PITTMAN, J., VEERARAGHAVAN, M., ZOLOTOY, L. (2017). Obscured by Clouds: The Impact of Weather-Induced Managerial Mood on Corporate Tax Avoidance. International Conference of The Japanese Accounting Review.

GE, R., CHENG, Y., ZOLOTOY, L. (2016). Do corporate pension plans affect audit pricing? Annual Conference of the Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand.

GE, R., LENNOX, C. (2010). Financial reporting quality and auditors’ opinions on clients’ internal controls. Annual Meeting of the American Accounting Association.

Scientific activities

Editor :

  • Editorial Board Member: China Journal of Accounting Studies (Since 2013)

Member of an academic association :

  • Member, the American Accounting Association