Professeur Assistant

  • Département Etudes organisationnelles & Ethique

Head of Major - Human Resource Management

Teaching Domains

Sociologie des organisations
Business ethics
Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises

Research Domains

Gestion des ressources humaines
Théorie des organisations
Organizational culture
Critical management studies
Business ethics
New forms of work organizations

Curriculum vitae

PhD, Management
Università LUMSA, Italie (2020)

Master Degree in Management and Business Administration
Università LUMSA, Italie (2015)

Bachelor Degree in Economics and Management
Bocconi University, Italie (2013)



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SFERRAZZO, R. (2019). Toward an agape-based organization: should virtuous behaviors be rewarded? European Academy of Management.

Scientific activities

Reviewer revue académique

Reviewer for Organization Studies journal (since 2022) , 16/05/2022

Reviewer for the Journal of Applied Psychology (since 2022) , 14/04/2022

Reviewer for RIHME journal (since 2022) , 01/03/2022

Reviewer for Group & Organization Management journal (since 2021) (2021) , 01/10/2021

Reviewer for Humanistic Management Journal (since 2021) , 28/08/2021

Reviewer for the Academy of Management Perspectives journal (since 2021) , 01/05/2021

Reviewer for M@n@gement journal (since 2021) (2021) , 18/01/2021

Reviewer for the Journal of Business Ethics (since 2019) (2019) , 01/09/2020

Editeur invité d'une revue de recherche

Co-Editor of the section 'Il planetario. Lo sguardo sul mondo' for Sviluppo & Organizzazione Journal (2019) , 02/09/2019 - 31/01/2022

Awards and Honors

  • Fetzer Institute Scholarship for Academy of Management in Boston , 2019
  • Special Mention ‘Premio Socialis’ (15th Edition, 2018) awarded by ‘Observatorio Socialis’ Online Journal for the best M.A. thesis on 'The subsidiary management and well-being at work in civil economy' , 2017
  • CERGAS BOCCONI (Research Center on Health and Social Care Management): Member of Business Planning team in collaboration with “Libera APS” ( Milan, Apr 2012 / Sep 2012). 2nd award for business planning competition. , 2012