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Supply Chain
Operations Management
Purchasing Management
Digital Business and Value Chain

Research Domains

Supply Chain Management
Production and Operations management
Management Information Systems

Curriculum vitae

Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, Sciences de Gestion, Supply Chain
Université Savoie Mont Blanc, France (2015)

Un Paradigme Holistique de la Gestion de la Supply Chain: Synthèse, Synergie et Synchronisation

Postgraduate Certificate In Teaching For Academic Practice
University of Warwick, Great Britain (2008)

Ph.D. in Industrial and Business Studies
University of Warwick, Great Britain (2004)

The role of purchasing in the management and performance of supplier relationships: An empirical investigation in service organisations

M.SC. in Engineering Business Management
University of Warwick, Great Britain (1996)

Dipl. Ing (BSc/MSc) in Mechanical Engineering
Patras University, Greece (1995)



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Scientific activities

Reviewer for an academic journal :

  • Benchmarking: An International Journal (Since 2018)

Member of an academic association :

  • Systems Dynamics Society (2008-2012)
  • POMS (Production and Operations Management Society) (Since 2007)
  • ISM (Institute of Supply Management)

Reviewer for a scientific conference :

  • IPSERA (Since 2003)

Member of the scientific board :

  • EUROMA (Since 2014)

Awards and Honors

  • Conference Best Paper Award , 2018
  • Best Paper on Purchasing and Supply Management , 2018
  • Audencia Business School Research Grant: The firm as a nexus of risks: A supply chain management perspective on risk management across organisational boundaries , 2013
  • Teaching excellence award , 2011

Doctoral supervision

Thesis co-director

Since 2015, Lineth Rodriguez Pellière : Sustainable Supply Chain management
Université de Nantes, France

2011 - 2016, Katia Picaud : Supplier Involvement in Discontinuous Innovation strategic alliances
Université de Nantes, France

Thesis Reviewer

- 2015, Daniela Grudinschi : Strategic Management of Value Networks: how to create value in cross-sector collaboration and partnerships

- 2015, Nikolaos Kotsonis : Enhancing Performance of Greek SMEs through Effective Procurement Management