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Assistant Professor

  • Finance Department

Curriculum vitae

Hanken School of Economics, Finland (2014)

Essays on market states, firm growth and corporate finance decisions

MSc in Economics
Hanken School of Economics, Finland (2008)

BSc in Economics
Hanken School of Economics, Finland (2006)



BLOMKVIST, M., FELIXSON, K., KORKEAMAKI, T. (2018) . National culture and takeover contest outcomes, Financial Review, 53 (3), 605-625

BLOMKVIST, M., FRIMAN, T., KORKEAMAKI, T. (2018) . Bond market access and acquisitions: Empirical Evidence from the European Market, European Journal of Finance (The ), 24 (6), 478-498

BLOMKVIST, M., FELIXSON, K. (2018) . Credit Supply, Post-Acquisition Performance and Financial Constraints, Applied Economics Letters, 25 (20), 1421-1425


BLOMKVIST, M., KORKEAMAKI, T., PETTERSSON, J. (2017) . The new issues puzzle revisited: The role of firm quality in explaining IPO returns, Economics Letters, 159 88-91

BLOMKVIST, M., KORKEAMAKI, T. (2017) . Financial versus strategic bidders: Evidence from unsuccessful takeover bids, Economics Letters, 159 142-144

BLOMKVIST, M. (2015). Financial constraints and time-varying capital liquidity: The effect on mergers and acquisitions., 5th International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society (FEBS).

BLOMKVIST, M. (2015). Cold market IPOs and the Acquisition motive., 32nd International Conference of the French Finance Association (AFFI).

BLOMKVIST, M. (2015). Cold market Equity Issuance and Stage Financing., Midwest Finance Association (MFA) Annual Meeting.

Awards and Honors

  • CEO mobility - to limit or not to limit , 2017-2020