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En savoir plus

King King LI

Associate Professor

  • Business & Society Department

Research Domains

Economic Theory, Game and Decision Theory and Experimental Economics

Curriculum vitae

PhD in Economics
HKUST - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China (PRC) (2008)



LI, L., LI, K., LI, J. (2019) . Private but not social information validity modulates social conformity bias, Human Brain Mapping 1-11


LI, K., RONG, K. (2018) . Choices in the 11-20 Game: The Role of Risk Aversion, Games (MDPI), 9 (3), 53

LI, K., RONG, K. (2018) . The gambling effect of final-offer arbitration in bargaining, Economic Theory, 69 (2020), 475–496


LI, K. (2017) . How Does Language Affect Decision-making in Social Interactions and Decisions Biases?, Journal of Economic Psychology, 61 15-28


LI, K., SUZUKI, T. (2016) . Jury Voting without Objective Probability, Social Choice and Welfare, 46 (2), 389–406


LI, K., HOSSAIN, T. (2014) . Crowding Out in the Labor Market: A Prosocial Setting is Necessary, Management Science, 60 (5), 1148-1160


LI, K. (2013) . Asymetric Memory Recall of Positive and Negative Events in Social Interactions, Experimental Economics, 16 (3), 248–262


LI, K. (2011) . Preference towards Control in Risk Taking: Control, No Control, or Randomize?, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 43 (1), 39–63


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