Assistant Professor

  • Business & Society Department

Directeur Adjoint - MSCPM

Curriculum vitae

Doctorat in Purchasing Management
Politecnico di Milano, Italy (2020)

Purchasing’s role in contributing to innovation exploration: examining awareness, motivations and new capabilities

Master of Business Administration in Management
ESC Rennes, France (2009)

Master in Management
IAE Poitiers, France (1999)

Master in Engineering
ECAM Rennes, France (1997)


JOHNSEN, T., CONSTANT, F. (2019). Purchasing ambidexterity: how it contributes to firm’s innovation capabilities. 29th IPSERA conference.

JOHNSEN, T., CONSTANT, F. (2018). Innovated outside: examining enablers of purchasing’s contribution to innovation exploration. 28th IPSERA conference.

JOHNSEN, T., CONSTANT, F. (2017). Exploring innovations outside firm’s existing supply network: new challenges for purchasing. 26th IPSERA conference.