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03 décembre 2017
Latest research articles by Audencia authors

Here are the latest articles which have been published since the last edition of the Rn’B Lab newsletter. Audencia professors are indicated in bold when they are co-authors.

AUTISSIER, D., JOHNSON, K., & MOUTOT, J.-M. (2017). Changement et Business développement : changer les organisations avec les start-up. Questions de Management, 17, (2), 49-59

AUTISSIER, D., JOHNSON, K., & MOUTOT, J.-M. (2017). Le carré du Changement. Acceptions du changement dans les cultures arabe, chinoise et occidentale. Questions de Management, 17 (2), 103-108

AVETISYAN, E., & KHACHATRYAN, K. (2017). Microfinance development in Armenia: Sectoral characteristics and problems. Strategic Change, 26 (6), 575-584

BEDENDO, M., & SIMING, L. (2018). The mitigating effect of bank financing on shareholder value and firm policies following rating downgrades. Journal of Corporate Finance, 48, 94-108

BEDENDO, M., CATHCART, L., & EL-JAHEL, L. (2018). Reputational shocks and the information content of credit ratings. Journal of Financial Stability, 34, 44-60

BENKRAIEM, R., HAMROUNI, A., LAKHAL, F., & TOUMI, N. (2017). Board Independence, Gender Diversity and CEO Compensation. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society, 17 (5), 845-860

BETTINELLI, C., SCIASCIA, S., RANDERSON, K., & FAYOLLE, A. (2017). Researching Entrepreneurship in Family Firms. Journal of Small Business Management, 55 (4), 506-529

BLOMKVIST, M., & KORKEAMAKI, T. (2017). Financial versus strategic bidders: Evidence from unsuccessful takeover bids. Economics Letters, 159, 142-144.

BLOMKVIST, M., KORKEAMAKI, T., & PETTERSSON, J. (2017). The new issues puzzle revisited: The role of firm quality in explaining IPO returns. Economics Letters, 159, 88-91

CHAMPENOIS, C., DEVIGNE, M., & PUYOU, F.-R. (2017). Le rôle de l’organisation du travail des capital investisseurs dans la construction de relations interpersonnelles avec les entrepreneurs. Finance Contrôle Stratégie, 20 (4),

CHARLES, A., & DARNE, O. (2017). Forecasting crude-oil market volatility: Further evidence with jumps. Energy Economics, 67, 508-519

CHARLES, A., DARNE, O., & KIM, J. (2017). Adaptive Markets Hypothesis for Islamic Stock Indices: Evidence from Dow Jones Size and Sector-indices. International Economics, 151, 100-112

CHARLES, A., DARNE, O., & KIM, J. (2017). International Stock Return Predictability: Evidence from New Statistical Tests. International Review of Financial Analysis, 54, 97-113

CHARLES, A., DARNE, O., & TRIPIER, F. (2018). Uncertainty and the Macroeconomy: Evidence from a composite uncertainty indicator. Applied Economics, 50 (10), 1093-1107

COOPER, R., SEDDON, J., & VAN VLIET, B. (2017). High-frequency trading and conflict in the financial markets. Journal of Information Technology, 32 (3), 270-282

CROWSTON, K., & FAGNOT, I. (2018). Stages of Motivation for Contributing User-Generated Content: A Theory and Empirical Test. International Journal of Human Computer Studies, 109, 89-101

CURRIE, W., & LAGOARDE-SEGOT, T. (2017). Financialization and information technology: themes, issues and critical debates – part I. Journal of Information Technology, 32 (3), 211-217

DEBUCQUET, G., & LOMBART, C. (2017). Quand manger des fruits et légumes difformes contribue au bien-être alimentaire : analyse d'un oxymore par les valeurs. Décisions Marketing (87), 15-37

FAVERO, C., BISETTI, E., NOCERA, G., & TEBALDI, C. (2017). A Multivariate Model of Strategic Asset Allocation with Longevity Risk. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 52 (5), 2251-2275

FREMEAUX, S., & MICHELSON, G. (2017). The Common Good of the Firm and Humanistic Management: Conscious Capitalism and Economy of Communion. Journal of Business Ethics, 145 (4), 701-709

FREMEAUX, S., BAREL, Y., & DUMAS, M. (2017). Styles de management, climat social et climat éthique : une approche contextuelle. Revue de Gestion des Ressources Humaines, 3 (105), 19-37.

FERNANDEZ-PEREZ, A., FRIJNS, B., FUERTES, A.-M., & MIFFRE, J. (2018). The Skewness of Commodity Futures Returns. Journal of Banking & Finance, 86, 143-158

GALARIOTIS, E., MAKRICHORITI, P., & SPYROU, S. (2018). The Impact of Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy on Expectations and Sentiment. Journal of Banking and Finance, 86, 1-20

GEUENS, S., COUSSEMENT, K., & DE BOCK, K. (2018). A framework for configuring collaborative filtering-based recommendations derived from purchase data. European Journal of Operational Research, 265 (1), 208-218

KOC MICHALSKA, K., LILLEKER, D. G., NEGRINE, R., GIBSON, R., VEDEL, T., & STRUDEL, S. (2017). Social media campaigning in Europe: Mapping the terrain. Journal of Information Technology and Politics, 14 (4), 293-298.

LACOEUILHE, J., LOUIS, D., & LOMBART, C. (2017). Impacts of product, store and retailer perceptions on consumers’ relationship to terroir store brand. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 39, 43-53

LOMBART, C., & LOUIS, D. (2018).  Retailers’ communication on ugly fruits and vegetables: What are consumers’ perceptions? Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, (41), 256-271.

NASCHBERGER, C., & FINSTAD-MILION, K. (2017). How French managers picture their careers: a gendered perspective. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: an International Journal, 36 (5), 401-416

NI, N., & ZHAN, X. (2017). Embedded Government Control and Nonprofit Revenue Growth. Public Administration Review, 77 (5), 730-742

REDOR, E. (2017). Board Turnover, Director Characteristics and Audit Fees. Economics Bulletin, 37 (4), 2446-2457

SHAHBAZ, M., BENKRAIEM, R., MILOUDI, A., & LAHIANI, A. (2017). Production Function with Electricity Consumption and Policy Implications in Portugal. Energy Policy (110), 588-599

ZHANG, W., JU, Y., LIU, X., & GIANNAKIS, M. (2017). A mathematical programming-based method for heterogeneous multicriteria group decision analysis with aspirations and incomplete preference information. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 113, 541-557

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