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03 décembre 2017
Mark Pagell, a new International Affiliate Faculty for the Business & Society Department

Welcome to Mark Pagell, a new International Affiliate Faculty. Mark already came twice to Audencia; let's know a bit more about him.

Could you please introduce yourself?

I am Mark Pagell, a Professor of Sustainable Supply Chain Management at University College Dublin. I am also the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Supply Chain Management and an Adjunct Scientist at the Institute for Work and Health in Toronto, Canada. I received my PhD in Operations and Sourcing Management from Michigan State University in 1997. After the PhD, I worked at universities in the United States and Canada, prior to spending the 2009-2010 academic year at University College Dublin on a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship studying sustainable supply chain management. That fellowship resulted in my present position.

As an academic, I believe I am best known for my research on sustainable supply chain management. Specifically, I have been working with others on changing the conversation from how do we make presently unsustainable supply chains less unsustainable, to creating truly sustainable supply chains. I have also been involved in a number of projects that examine how to create production systems and supply chains that are safe for the people working in them.

I have published in many of the leading management journals including Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Sloan Management Review, Journal of Product Innovation Management and Journal of Management Studies. My research has also won a number of awards including best papers published in the Journal of Supply Chain Management (2009), International Journal of Operations and Production Management (2005) and Journal of Operations Management (2002), as well as an honorable mention for the best paper in the Journal of Operations Management (2015), and two Emerald Citation of Excellence Awards (2013 & 2016).

What is the story between you and Audencia Business School?

My first visit to Audencia was for the 2013 IPSERA conference, which was held here. Then I came back to serve as a rapporteur for Osama Meqdadi’s thesis defense. The relationship grew from there. But as with many relationships in academia, the ties are actually more complex. For instance, one of my present PhD students did his masters with Mihalis Giannakis, I have known and interacted with Marco Formentini since he was a post-doctoral researcher and Andrew Crane, who is also a IAF, was a colleague of mine in Canada.

Can you tell us about the ongoing collaborations with Audencia researchers ?

Collaborations are really just starting. I made my first visit in May of 2017. During that visit I mostly listened to all of the great things people are doing. But it was not all listening, and I have started to work with Mihalis Giannakis and Marco Formentini on a project looking at food waste in supply chains. It's a cool project in that the typical response to waste is to try and eliminate it. But, concepts like industrial symbiosis suggest that for certain types of waste, like food, which are biodegradable and have many other uses, the optimal amount of waste might be far from none. Hence, rather than eliminating all food waste it might be better to develop alterative supply chains and uses for food that is not making it to the table.  Projects like this that are both critical (we all need to eat) and a bit counter-intuitive really motivate me, so I look forward to working on this and other similar projects with Audencia researchers as the collaboration matures.

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