Research & Business Lab Newsletter #3 - AGENDA

27 janvier 2017
Internet of Things & Marketing: a research workshop

The digital revolution is on its way. Over the past two decades, the successive emergences of the Internet, smartphones and, now, IoT have transformed our ways of working, getting information and consuming.

What are the new services, uses and marketing practices or strategies implemented by brands in this digital era? To think about it and discuss current research works on the subject, a research workshop “Marketing and consumption practices in the digital age” is taking place on the 9th of March, organized by the Audencia Future Lab.  

The marketing function in particular, at the crossroads between supply and new uses, is very influenced by these changes. By 2020, six billion smartphones and 50 billion connected objects will keep on shaping the uses of constantly evolving customers: hyper-connected, over-informed, in demand for new services but also anxious about the use of their personal data.

The brands must therefore face several major - sometimes contradictory - challenges: offer a continuous and personalized experience on all points of contact, but also respect personal spheres, anticipate needs through predictive intelligence, without undermining consumers’ free will, or respond to the need for immediacy, but use the data sparingly.

As a result, brands have no choice but to rethink the interactions with their customers in order to offer them new consumer experiences that mobilize the potential of these technological innovations, while respecting their needs. This involves transforming the ways of producing, innovating, designing offers, selling and communicating.

The Marketing of the future is therefore under construction. At Audencia, as part of the launch of Audencia Business School Future Laboratory, Caroline Lancelot Miltgen, Associate Professor in Marketing, is coordinating this research workshop, along with the whole Audencia Future Lab team.

Christophe Bénavent, Professor at the Paris Ouest University will be the Key Note speaker. There will be professional testimonials in the morning, and academic communications in the afternoon.

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