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Faculty Newsletter #5 - Profs & Staff

15 août 2017
Faculty-alumni reunions around the world – an initiative supported by Audencia Alumni

Faculty-alumni reunions are one of the best way for schools to foster lasting links with former students. How does it work for Audencia Business School faculty and former students?

Faculty-alumni reunions are one of the best way for schools to foster lasting links with former students. Some universities in the USA even ask alumni to contact them if they would like to see a member of faculty at an upcoming alumni event. Although the value/respect for the degree is the top criteria impacting an alum’s overall opinion of their school (85% - CSU, 83% - OSU), alumni surveys* show that this is closely followed by the accomplishments of faculty (73% - CSU, 72%). Faculty-alumni relationships contribute very positively to high levels of satisfaction with the school, sometimes to a greater extent than outreach to the community, history and tradition and even rankings (Alumni Attitude Survey CSU).

For the past few years, Audencia Alumni has sought to foster these interactions on an ad hoc basis but, given the positive impact and feedback from faculty and alumni alike, is now looking to increase awareness around such opportunities. It’s a win-win situation! Faculty who connect with alumni in cities around the world gain privileged insights into local cultures and trends. Alumni enjoy a personalised re-connection with the school and appreciate the updates on how the Audencia has evolved since they graduated.

What does Audencia Alumni aim to achieve by supporting faculty-alumni reunions?

Foster positive interactions, make them as easy as possible and ensure that money isn’t a barrier to these meetings.

How does the initiative work?

  • The faculty member informs Audencia Alumni at least 4 weeks in advance of their trip. 
  • Audencia Alumni organises a reunion with the faculty member and alumni. 
  • Audencia Alumni supplies the faculty member with an “alumni kit” comprising an institutional presentation and tips on how to manage the reunion. 
  • The faculty member gives Audencia Alumni their feedback after the reunion.

How much funding is available?

Up to 75€ towards a reunion with 2-4 alumni and up to 200€ with 5-15 alumni.

What expenses are covered?

A drink for the faculty member and alumni present, cost for parking or transport to get to the reunion. Flights, intercity trains and hotel rooms are not covered.

How are expenses reimbursed?

Reimbursements are made via Concur and the process is the same as for other expenses.

If you need more information about this process, please get in touch with Katie François who is Supporting ambassadors of communities in France and French-speaking programmes (Grande Ecole) within the Alumni team.


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