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Faculty News #7 - Edito

01 juin 2018
1 faculty, 122 talents!

Within three years, Audencia’s faculty has grown from 88 members to 122. Over this period, the proportion of internationals has risen from 41% to 49%, and the number of nationalities from 22 to 28. Beyond origins and educational backgrounds, our faculty has become more diverse. This is clearly a strength for our school and its various stakeholders.

We are living in an era of transitions towards a hopefully more responsible and sustainable world. In this context, Audencia’s mission is not only to observe and analyze these transitions, but also to work closely with different stakeholders to have a positive impact on future models for business and society.

To achieve this aim, our roles and activities as academics change and become ever more diverse. The results of the last evaluation committee highlight not only the overall excellence of our faculty, but also the diversity of your contributions to our impact on academia, students, business and society. It is the overall balance and coherence of all these contributions that guarantees our collective success.

As associate dean for faculty and research, together with Emilios Galarioritis as assistant dean for research and the heads of our five departments, our aim is to help each member of the faculty to develop further his or her experiences and skills in line with his or her talents and personal aspirations. The future is not a standardized model for academics. On the contrary, the progress of technology and digitalization reinforce the importance of the human dimension and thus of our individual talents.

Audencia has been at the forefront in recognizing the equal importance of different profiles within its faculty and the possibility to move from one profile to another within our ever-lengthening careers. We will continue to move in this direction, while ensuring even more cooperation among the different profiles for the common good of our faculty and the school’s impact.

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