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Faculty Newsletter #10 - Impact on academia

31 juillet 2019
Latest research articles by Audencia authors

Here are the latest articles which have been published since the last edition of the Faculty newsletter. Audencia professors are indicated in bold when they are co-authors.

BARDON, T., ARNAUD, N., LETIERCE, C. (2019). Les innovations managériales. Donner du sens à la transformation. [city]:Dunod.

BENKRAIEM, R., SHAHBAZ, M., MILOUDI, A., TIWARI, A. (2019). Tourism-induced financial development in Malaysia: New evidence from the tourism development indexTourism Economics, 25 (5), 757–778. 

BERTHOIN ANTAL, A., DEBUCQUET, G., FREMEAUX, S. (2019). When top management leadership matters: Insights from artistic interventions. Journal of Management Inquiry, 28 (4), 441-457. 

CHEN, J., GAREL, A., TOURANI-RAD, A. (2019). The value of academics: Evidence from academic independent director resignations in China. Journal of Corporate Finance, 58 ([journalnumber]), 393-414.

DE GIACOMO, M., TESTA, F., IRALDO, F., FORMENTINI, M. (2019). Does Green Public Procurement Lead to Life Cycle Costing adoption? Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 25 (3), 100500.

GALARIOTIS, E., KALAITZOGLOU, I., KOSMIDOU, K., PAPAEFTTHIMIOU, S., SPYROU, S. (2019). Could Market Making be Profitable in The European Carbon Market?. Energy Journal, 40 (SI1), 5-28.

GIANNAKIS, M., SPANAKI, K., DUBEY, R. (2019). A cloud-based supply chain management system: Effects on supply chain responsiveness. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 32 (4), 585-607.

GIANNAKIS, M., JU, Y., JU, D., SANTIBANEZ CONZALEZ, E., WANG, A. (2019). Study of site selection of electric vehicle charging station based on extended GRP method under picture fuzzy environment. Computers and Industrial Engineering, 135(September), 1271-1285.

HENNEKAM, S., SYED, J., ALI, F., DUMAZERT, J.-P. (2019). A multilevel perspective of the identity transition to motherhoodGender, Work and Organization, 26 ), 915-933.

JOHNSEN, T., BELLO (PICAUD), K., CALVI, R., GIANNAKIS, M. (2019). Exploring Early Purchasing Involvement in Discontinuous Innovation: A Dynamic Capability Perspective. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 25 ([journalnumber]), [pages].

KALAITZOGLOU, I. (2019). Visible and Invisible Forces. What Drives the Intensity of Trading in the European Carbon Market?. Review of Economic Analysis, 11 ([journalnumber]), 117-144. 

LOUIS, D., LOMBART, C., DURIF , F. (2019). Impact of a retailer’s CSR activities on consumers’ loyalty. International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 47 (8), 793-816.

PLIOUSIS, A., ANDRIOSOPOULOS, K., DOUMPOS, M., GALARIOTIS, E. (2019). A multicriteria assessment approach to the energy TrilemmaEnergy Journal, 40 (SI1), 143-165.

PIERRE, J., ALLOING, C. (2019). Comment les émotions traversent le design ?. Conception et usages d'une fonctionnalité du web affectif. RIHM - Revue des Interactions Humaines Médiatisées, Journal of Human Mediated Interactions, 19 (2), 1-19.

QUENTAL, C., MUKHI, U. (2019). Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of the United Nations SDGs: A dialogue between a climate scientist and management scholars. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society, 19 (3), 552-564.

SAURIER, D. (2019). Organizing on the internet: Semiological analysis of a digital apparatus of the Online Candles. ESSACHESS - Journal for Communication Studies, 12 (1), 143-166

THOMAS, L., AMBROSINI, V., HUGHES, P. (2019). The role of organizational citizenship behaviour and rewards in strategy effectiveness. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 30 (18), 2628-2660.

TRABUCCHI, D., MUZELLEC, L., RONTEAU, S. (2019). Sharing economy: seeing through the fog. Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy, 29 (5), 996-1013.

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