Visiting researchers

Rn’B Lab regularly attracts faculty members from other academic institutions. Over the last five years, Audencia Business School has welcomed seven faculty members for periods of a week or more.

2015/2016Yanbing JUBeijing Institute of TechnologyChina
2015/2016Yuefeng NIBeijing Institute of TechnologyChina
2014/2015Paolo QUATTRONEEdinburg University
Great Britain
2013/2014Colleen MILLSCanterbury UniversityNew Zealand
2013/2014Henry ETZKOWITZStanford UniversityUnited States
2012/2013Kenishi USHIYAMADaito Bunka UniversityJapan
2012/2013Jean-Marc SURETLaval UniversityCanada
2012/2013Colleen MILLSCanterbury UniversityNew Zealand
2012/2013Cécile CARPENTIERLaval UniversityCanada
2011/2012Suzanne YOUNGLa Trobe UniversityAustralia
2010/2011Colleen MILLSCanterbury UniversityNew Zealand