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The future of business

Audencia Business School’s Business & Society Department is focused on shaping the future of business from the complementary perspectives of corporate social responsibility (CSR), supply chain management and entrepreneurship. Faculty members teach and research the strategies, processes and practices for developing value with a positive social impact – all while considering the individual, the firm, the environment and other stakeholders.

Audencia’s CSR and supply chain research focuses on sustainability, new business models and best practices – and their impact on performance. Our entrepreneurship faculty members work on several topics related to entrepreneurial behaviour, skills and relationships, including mentoring entrepreneurs, engaging investors, entrepreneurial ecosystems, media and family entrepreneurship.

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Research Thursdays

On Thursday afternoons, each department regularly invites renowned researchers working in France or abroad to present recent projects at Audencia. The departments also organise internal research seminars, which allow faculty members and PhD students from Rn’B Lab to present and improve their work through discussion with their colleagues.

To strengthen the skills of laboratory members, methodology workshops are held regularly:

  • Using research software (e.g., NVivo)
  • Development and implementation of quantitative and qualitative methodologies (e.g., PLS)
  • Promoting research on social networks

Rn’B Lab members actively participate in workshops to strengthen their skills in scientific writing and assessment of academic articles in the English language. Researchers also receive mentoring in a Higher Degree Research (HDR) approach to management science.

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05/11/2015Coleen MillsIntegrative rationality and overlapping identities: Evidence of the commercial value of environmental sustainability and social responsibility discourses during enterprise development
03/12/2015Anna EinarsdottirHow sexuality matters: The experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual employees in Britain
07/01/2016Janice ByrnePassing the Marshall's Baton: A Narrative Analysis of Gender  in Family Business Succession
07/01/2016Marinette KAMAHAUsefulness of entrepreneurial support in the context of microcredit: the case of French microentrepreneurs
25/02/2016Eric Michaël LavioletteCoopetitive Business Models and the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: The Making-­‐of the Cider Wine Industry in Quebec
24/03/2016Alistair Anderson New views of the waterfall
12/05/2016Aurélien AcquierLost in foundations? Exploring the emergence of the 'Sharing Economy' field through its theoretical foundations
02/06/2016Laura BerryThe role of corporate engagement in catalyzing change in business practices
Céline Louche Céline Louche

Céline Louche

Head of the CSR Institute

Associate professor

Holder of the Chair on Behaviour and Financial Vulnerability

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Sandrine Stervinou Sandrine Stervinou

Sandrine Stervinou

Head of pedagogy

Associate professor

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Associate professor

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Claire Champenois Claire Champenois

Claire Champenois

Head of Research