Associate Professor

  • Business & Society Department

Curriculum vitae

HDR (Research Supervision Qualification)
Université Savoie-Mont Blanc, France (2015)

PhD. In Industrial and Business Studies: The role of purchasing in the management and performance of supplier relationships: An empirical investigation in service organisations
University of Warwick, Great Britain

PG in International Politics and Europe: The Role of the Media in Building a Pan-European Identity
University of Warwick, Great Britain

M.SC. in Engineering Business Management: Time Compression in the Design and Manufacture of high speed electronic Converters
University of Warwick, Great Britain

Dipl. Ing (BSc/MSc) in Mechanical Engineering: Laser Drilling Speed Modelling: An Empirical Study with the Use of Finite Elements Method
Patras University, Greece



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GIANNAKIS, M., & NOCERA, G. (2014). Collective Supply Chain Responsibility: The effect of suppliers’ sustainability behaviour on firm’s Shareholder Value., 23rd Annual IPSERA Conference.

GIANNAKIS, M., & WU, S. W. (2014). A Conceptual Model for Cloud-based System in Improving Supply Chain Responsiveness., 28th Annual BAM Conference.

GIANNAKIS, M., COULTER, J., & BOUKA, M. (2013). Supply chain management best practices in humanitarian relief operations., 22nd IPSERA Conference.

GIANNAKIS, M. (2013). Risk Management in Sustainable Operations., 22nd International Conference on Production Research.


GIANNAKIS, M., JOHNSEN, T., & MIEMCZYK, J. (2014). Réflexions sur la conférence IPSERA 2013 et l'avenir de l'approvisionnement responsable. Profession Achats, pp. 53-55.

Scientific activities

Associate Editor :

  • International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

Reviewer for an academic journal :

  • International Journal of Production Economics
  • International Journal of Operations and Production Management
  • Supply Chain Management: An International Journal
  • Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management
  • International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management
  • Journal of Supply Chain Management

Member of an academic association :

  • Academy of Management
  • TEE (Technical Chamber of Greece)
  • POMS (Production and Operations Management Society)
  • IPSERA (International Purchasing and Supply Education Research Association)
  • ISM (Institute of Supply Management)
  • EUROMA (European Operations Management Association)
  • Systems Dynamics Society
  • EUDOKMA (European Doctoral Knowledge and Management Association)

Doctoral supervision

Thesis co-director

Lineth Rodriguez Pellière : Sustainable Supply Chain management
Université de Nantes, France

Since 2016, Kathia Picaud : Supplier Involvement in Discontinuous Innovation strategic alliances
Université de Nantes, France