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Sociologie des organisations

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PhD en Management 
IE Business School (2012)

M. Phil
KU Leuven (in progress)

Cyprus International Institute of Management (2005)

Licence en Economie
Belarus State Economic University (2000)



Shymko Y. Roulet T. (2016) When does Medici hurt DaVinci? Mitigating the signaling effect of extraneous stakeholder relationships in the field of cultural production. Academy of Management Journal

Shymko Y. Roulet T. (2016) When Corporate Philanthropy Makes the Recipient Look Bad. Harvard Business Review


Farr-Wharton B. Brown K. Keast R. Shymko Y. (2015) Reducing creative labour precarity: beyond network connections. Management Decision, 53(4): 857-875.


Shymko Y. Diaz A. (2012) A resource dependence, social network and contingency model of sustainability in supply chain alliances. International Journal of Business excellence, 5(5): 502-520.


Shymko Y. Minkus A. (2016) The Conundrum of Power: Sintering Structural and Relational Perspectives in Business and Arts Organizations. In: Raviola E. Zackariasson P. Eds. Arts and business. Building a common ground for understanding society Routledge Taylor & Francis.


Shymko Y. (2015) The forgotten humanness of organizations. In: Mabey C. Mayrhofer W. Ed. Developing leadership -Questions Business School don't ask (pp. 67-77). Sage Publications.

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