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Marketing digital - Secteurs de services
Médias sociaux
Knowledge management

Curriculum vitae

PhD en Systèmes complexes industriels
Université de Rome (2008)

BA, MSc, Majeure Marketing & Communication
Université de Rome (2004)

Bourses d'études pour étudiants européens Programme Socrates/Erasmus
Université Catholique Louvain la Neuve (2003)



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July 2014. Best paper in track (Consumer Research track, largest track of the conference) at the Academy of Marketing Conference 2014 in Bournemouth for the paper: “Shilling in online
reviews: An exploratory study on consumer attitude and behaviour with promotional reviews”.

July 2012. Best conference paper (overall) at the Academy of Marketing Conference 2012 in
Southampton for the paper ‘Understanding consumer adoption of e‐WOM through information
quality and product ranking’.