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Supply Chain Management
Sustainable Operations
Data Driven Supply Chain
Supply Chain Risk Management
Operations Strategy
Service Management
Business processes improvement

Curriculum vitae

HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches en Sciences de gestion) in Management
University of Savoie-Mont Blanc, France (2015)

PhD -Industrial and Business Studies
University of Warwick, UK (2004)

PG Dipl. - Teaching for Academic Practice
University of Warwick, UK (2006)

MSc - Engineering Business Management
University of Warwick, UK (1996)

Dipl. Ing (BSc/MSc) - Mechanical Engineering
University of Patras, Greece (1995)



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Nombreuses communications au sein de :

  • IPSERA - International Purchasing Education and Research Association
  • Academy of Management
  • POMS - Production and Operations Management Society
  • EUROMA - European Operations Management Association
  • DSI - Decision Science Institute
  • CSCMP - Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
  • British Academy of Management
  • TEE- Technical Chamber of Greece

Johnsen, T. Miemczyk, J Giannakis, M. (2013) "Réflexions sur la conférence IPSERA 2013 et l'avenir de l'approvisionnement responsible" Profession Achats

Mihalis Giannakis (2008) 'Managing Complexity in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains: The Case of GlaxoSmithKline', CriticalEye Insight, April pp: 47-57

Giannakis, M. (2007) 'Tesco: Installation of RFID in DVD Shelves', Retail Technology, November, 12-16

Encadrement Doctoral

  • Lineth Rodriguez - Effect of Disruptive Technologies on Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Katia Picaud (completed) )- Early Purchasing Involvement in Discontinuous Innovation

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Reviewer régulier pour :

  • Journal of Supply Chain Management
  • International Journal of Operations and Production Management
  • Supply Chain Management: An International Journal
  • International Journal of Production Economics
  • European Journal of Operational Research
  • Industrial Marketing Management
  • Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management
  • Production Planning and Control
  • International Journal of Production Research

Membre du comité éditorial de : Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management

Membre de:

  • IPSERA (International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association)
  • EUROMA (European Management Association)
  • POMS (Production and Operations Management Society)
  • CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals)
  • DSI (Decision Sciences Institute)
  • BAM (British Academy of Management)
  • AoM (Academy of Management)
  • ISL International Symposium on Logistics
  • TEE (Technical Chamber of Greece)

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  • Member of the Supply Chain Risk Management Research
  • Service Modularity Research Cluster
  • Supply Chain Finance Observatory


Best paper award for European Operations Management Association Conference (EUROMA) Budapest, 2005

Best doctoral student paper of 10th IPSERA and NAPM conference, London Ontario, Canada, 2000