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Strategy as Practice (SaP)

Curriculum vitae

PhD en Marketing
Cardiff University (2007)

Post Graduate Certificate of Education in the Higher Education
University of Surrey (1996)

Cardiff University (1993)

Bachelor of Science Business and French
University of Surrey (1988)



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Ambrosini V. and Thomas, L. 3rd edition of the textbook `Advanced Strategic Management` Palgrave, edited by M. Jenkins, V. Ambrosini, with N. Collier. Chapter 9: `Resource Based View of the Firm'

Nombreuses communications au sein de :

  • ISBE (Small Business & Entrepreneurship) conference
  • American Academy of Management
  • International Conference of ICT in Organizations
  • British Academy of Management Conference
  • Association Francophone de Management International
  • EFMD Higher Education Research Conference
  • European Academy of Management (EURAM)
  • Strategic Management Society (SMS) Conference
  • International Human Resource Management Conference
  • Global HRM Conference
  • EMAC conference
  • Academy of Marketing conference

Activités scientifiques

Reviewer régulier pour : 

  • British Journal of Management
  • International Journal of Human Resource Management
  • International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research
  • International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Scandinavian Journal of Management
  • Journal of Strategic Marketing
  • Journal of Strategy and Management

Conference Reviewer:

  • Strategic Management Society (SMS)
  • American Academy of Management (AOM)
  • European Academy of Management (EURAM)
  • British Academy of Management (BAM)
  • European Academy of Marketing (EMAC)
  • Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE)

Membre de :

  • American Academy of Management (AOM)
  • British Academy of Management (BAM)
  • Strategy as Practice (SaP), Special Interest Group (AOM)

ENEDIS Groups (ex ERDF)-Member of an in-company research project team lead by Professor Chris Worley, NEOMA Business School- August 2016 to present (ongoing). Project scope- Change management at ENEDIS Group, focusing on strategy, organization agility, and leadership.

SIMPACT- European Grant Funded Research Project. Project Coordinator for NEOMA Business School, Reims, France (Jan to July 2015). 9 European Partner Institutions. Project scope: Boosting the Impact of Social Innovation in Europe through Economic Underpinnings


Barton, (Thomas) L. & Ambrosini, V. (2010), The Influence of Organizational Context on Middle Manager Strategy Formulation and Implementation Effectiveness, Awarded BEST PAPER, Strategy as Practice Track, British Academy of Management Conference, University of Sheffield, September 2010

Thomas L. (2002), Intentional Counter Implementation in Strategic Marketing, Awarded BEST PAPER, Marketing Track, Proceedings of the British Academy of Management 2002 Conference, p35, Middlesex University