Isabelle FAGNOT

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Systèmes d'information et technologies de l'information (études des comportements)
Sécurité de l'information dans les organisations
mHealth (technologies nomades, secteur santé)
Culture des professionnels de l'information
Impact des accréditations dans l'enseignement supérieur

Curriculum vitae

Ph.D. en Sciences de l'information et Technologies
Syracuse University School of Information Studies, New York, Etats-Unis (2011)

Master - Linguistique / Recherche et représentation de l'information
Syracuse University School of Information Studies, New York, Etats-Unis  (2003)



CROWSTON, K., & FAGNOT, I. Stages of Motivation for Contributing User-Generated Content: A Theory and Empirical Test. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies


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DUENAS, A. & FAGNOT, I. (2013). England and Summary Care Records: Join the Debate. ECCH.

FAGNOT, I., DUENAS, A., & DI MARTINELLY, C. (2013). Adapting or Not Adapting Digitization of Health Information: The Case of England and Summary Care Records, ECCH.

DUENAS, A., FAGNOT, I., & LECLERCQ, A. (2012). The strange case of Mr Wordsworth: A hospital information security breach, ECCH.

Nombreuses communications au sein de :

  • International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)
  • America Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)
  • Organizations and Society in Information Systems (OASIS)
  • Great Lakes Information Science Conference
  • The Security Conference
  • SIGMIS Computer Personnel Research Conference
  • Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
  • American Anthropological Association
  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Activités scientifiques

Editeur associé de Information Security Education Journal (ISEJ)

Reviewer (revues) :

  • Communications of the Association of Information Systems
  • Journal of Technological Forecasting & Social Change
  • JSIS
  • MIS Quarterly

Reviewer (conférences) :

  • Program Committee member for KM Conference (2016)
  • ICIS
  • ECIS
  • iConference
  • WISP
  • AOM
  • MCIS


Best Paper Award – The iSchools' Fifth Annual Conference, Chapel Hill, NC. February 8‐11, 2009

First Prize Winner – Syracuse University Academic Excellence Symposium, Syracuse, NY. June 11, 2008

Syracuse University School of Information Studies Graduate Teaching Assistantship, 2008‐2009

National Science Foundation Research Assistantship, 2004–2008

Certificate in University Teaching from Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences, 2003

Syracuse University College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Teaching Assistantship, 2001‐2003