Curriculum vitae

PhD en Economie, spécialisation en Organisation Industrielle
The Ohio State University (1993)

Master en Economie
The Ohio State University (1986)

Bachelor of Sciences en Mathématiques
The University of Wisconsin-Madison (1985)



Effectively Managing Innovation, The European Business Review, July-August, 2012 - Action Learning : A learning map to discover the foundations of effective project based action learning (co-authored with Hervé DaCosta)

The Learning Village : A learning map to discover the basics of social and informal learning (presented at LTD conference in Paris)

Mini cases in leadership : Cooperation Chaos (Working in a Matrix Organisation); Major Tom (Power and Influence); Paradise Lost (Communication in Matrix Organisations); The A Team (Delegation; Management style)


BEYOND : A case study based simulation in Strategy Execution (in partnership with Laurent Poiret from the MACIF Insurance Group)

The Fund : A team based pedagogical tool to understand influence and power

Charlotte : A learning exercise for managers, developing others, building development plans

L’entretien épineux de François : A role play exercise in people evaluation and coaching (co-authored with Sylvaine Scheffer)


Management T&D Trends and Practices 2010, EML Performance Lab

OUTSIGHT : Assessment of learning transfer factors for corporations and corporate learning

Director’s Cut, Visual support for creating and communicating a corporate vision

The Vision Story, Visual wall support for communicating vision

EML Potential (with Dolmen, Canada) - Assessment tool of leadership potential

EML Actions (with Dolmen, Canada) – A situational judgement assessment of leadership

EML Perceptions – Personal assessment and development handbook

The créa-cube : mnemonic device to encourage creativity in the workplace

The Training Transfer and Relapse Handbook for programme participants


10 Keys to Innovation, EML Performance Lab

Mind and Close the Gap : A Team Based Organisational Performance based on Behavioral Engineering principles (co-developed with Guillaume Soenen)

Building Corporate Vision : A Discovery Mat exercise to build vision

Communicating Vision to Engage : Team based video exercise in effective communication

Whitepaper : Internationalization of Executive Education

City Discovery : A mission based team exercise to discover the stages of team development

The Entrepreneurial Leader : Creation of an Entrepreneurial Leadership Competency Dictionary

MOZAÏK : A board based team game in futuring


Theme Park – Politics and Power for Project Leaders – A simulation

The Good Doctor – Action Learning Exercise in Active Listening

Management T&D Trends and Practices 2008, EML Performance Lab

Co-author of the annual study of Innovation Trends in France in partnership with Eurogroup consulting and the PDMA.

Whitepaper : Designing Effective Project Based Learning, EML Performance Lab, 2009

Service Strategy System : A map based learning activity for teams (co-designed with William Hurst and Eric Vogler)

The Power Pyramid : A team based exercise to discover & apply principles of strategy - Self Assessment Tool of Company Learning Values and Practices


Moments of Truth in Customer Satisfaction: Discovery mat for executive learning

Innovation in Networks – online learning module

An Innovative Approach for Developing Leaders of Innovation (with Paul Leonetti, Marie-Catherine Combe and Cora Lynn Hymer Rathbone)


Intrapreneurship and Innovation: A 3-hour online course for executives (English and French)

The Case of Home Depot: Growth at the Expense of Social Performance - Teaching case

The Intrapreneurial Maze Game (co-creator with Paul Leonetti) - developing tactical expertise for intrapreneurs

Futuring: A team workbook for rapid prospective analysis

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